If you’re looking for an authentic way to spend your holiday, finding typical local produce to taste and take home, you’ll love the Tipikk concept!

Tipikk is the place to be for great food and great deals! With its mix of tradition and modernity, this culinary tour of France is sure to take your breath away!

What do you dream of tasting? Brandade de Nîmes? Lyon dumplings? Tipikk lets you find out more about our beautiful regions and their gastronomy.
And wherever you are, you can find craftsmen, shopkeepers, producers and restaurateurs directly on the site, to give you a foretaste 😉

How does it work?

Just go to https://www.tipikk.com/ and enter the name of the region you want in the search bar.
Get to know all its specialties 😉
Tipikk filters your searches by categories, where you can find dishes / recipes and various local products from the region.

So let’s say you’re in Brittany and want to find out more about the region’s specialties to impress your taste buds at dinner, no worries, Tipikk lets you geolocate and access the region’s traditional dishes!
Pretty simple and effective when you’re hungry 😁

comment ça fonctionne

Why Tipikk?


Thanks to Tipikk, you can showcase your products and its attachment to its territory, you facilitate access to these specialties for all and you can bring to life and revive the specialities of France’s regions. All in all, the result is a global and fast all over France and all types of specialties!

We go with our eyes closed 😴

Tipikk guides consumers to you with products to suit their tastes and expectations.

So if you’re a restaurateur, producer or other sales outlet, don’t hesitate to add your establishment and showcase your products that match the region – it’s free! 😉


A dynamic tool just for you!

Now you have the opportunity to make your travelers want to explore France with this dynamic tool 😉

Tipikk offers you this tool for promoting a destination to travelers and informing visitors about the region’s traditional riches. And above all, to present itself as a genuine promoter of “local consumption” and the local economic fabric.

Of course, it’s free and customizable, so you can have your own URL link with your region’s specialties, and your travelers will have all the information they need about the region and its specialties!
You can put the link on your website or at the reception desk in the form of a QR code!

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