The Digital Welcome Booklet is a digital tool in full development in tourism companies, especially in hotels, campsites, guest houses and rooms or even vacation rentals.

A clever mix between concierge service and tourist guide, its low subscription cost makes it a time-saving tool for hosts, and a very useful pocket companion for travelers!👍

Today 91% of all internet users connect to the web from a smartphone, which represents 5.19 billion mobile users worldwide! 😲

The digital welcome booklet is therefore a relevant digital tool to develop its business and collect quality information on customer expectations. 👌

If you are not yet a user, you should know that the tourism sector is the most impacted by technology and internet. So if you don’t want to be overtaken by the competition, it’s time to accelerate your digital transformation ! 🔥

A quick tour of the possibilities of the digital welcome booklet and what it can do for you and your customers ⤵


A Webapp to better understand the expectations of its customers and attract new ones

What is a digital welcome booklet ?

A digital welcome booklet is a mobile Webapp that completes the digital ecosystem of tourism professionals.

What is a Webapp ?
The Webapp is in every way similar to a mobile application, except that it’s not one!
Unlike an application, it does not require downloading via Appstore or AndroidStore.

Its advantages are multiple:

  • Once downloaded, the link to this Webapp is permanent whatever the terminal,
  • The access QR code is always the same,
  • There is no need to connect,
  • The Webapp is fully customizable by you,
  • The traveler does not need to enter his email to access the service so security and confidentiality guaranteed! 👍

A real additional distribution channel in the same way as a CRM or a channel manager, this tool is a compendium of best practices that responds perfectly to the new consumption patterns of tourists.

Available everywhere, all the time, even without an internet connection, the Webapp can be consulted on any terminal: tablet and smartphone, via a connected TV, or a standard TV if it is connected to an HDMI mini-PC.

Some owners have even had the brilliant idea of providing a tablet on a stand at the reception of their establishment, which makes customers pleasantly patient. 💡
Others have put it in the relaxation room, which allows customers to exchange with each other about their desires for discovery, and sometimes to prompt joint outings when they have affinities.

Since the first impression is always the right one, a well-designed digital welcome booklet is sure to create the Wow! effect in your customers, a bit like Stéphane Plaza when he shows an exceptional property 🤩

2. What are the functionalities of a digital welcome booklet ?

A time-saving organizational tool

Like a memo, it lists all the information that relates to the logistics of your accommodation 💭 Except it’s not pinned to the fridge !

✅ The wifi code, the door or gate digicode, the house rules, information about welcoming pets, services and amenities like pool, washing machine, extra bed linen, parking on the parking lot…
FI-NI post-it notes in the brain such as: “Did I give them the wifi code ? And the one for the front door ? Will they be able to find the extra bedding ? How to run the dishwasher ? Did they note that the parking gate closes at 10:30pm ?”… 🤪

StyQR has a Chek-in / Ckeck-out module that simply replaces a concierge service. This dematerialization allows, among other things, the taking of instant photos and validation by sms against electronic signature. 🖱
The guarantee to ensure the good condition of your accommodation and its contents at the arrival and departure of your customers.

You will also be able to promote activities within your establishment. Such as yoga classes, cooking or art workshops… right down to the preferential rates you have negotiated with your partners.

By facilitating access to this data to the traveler, it offers a significant time saving to the host who considerably reduces these recurring information tasks, especially in pre-stay and during the physical reception of customers. ⏳

A mobile tourist guide

The Webapp borrows from web content to push tourist information about things to see and do during their stay, around your establishment.📌

No matter what, offering in a few clicks access to your recommendations on the best local restaurants, artisans to meet, hiking routes to take… makes you upgrade the stay of your prospects and customers by suggesting them personalized experience ideas that only you know about. That’s right, the best travel agent in your destination is you ! 🎁

It’s a notion of sharing appreciated by travelers who very often know little about the destination they’re coming to on vacation.

Another advantage: linking travelers and “locals”: a logic of encounters that creates memories and promotes the local economy.

3. A webapp to support the local economy

The digital welcome booklet is therefore gradually becoming the relevant tool to have in order to attract new customers easily and expand your professional network locally. 📢

Like Mapstr, this Webapp allows you to share your good addresses and tourist nuggets: small producers, restaurateurs, wine growers, artists…

This mutual recommendation not only creates encounters and links with locals, but also contributes to a circular and solidarity economy, in a win-win spirit! 🔀

Designed with common sense and values, the digital welcome booklet encourages longer stays. How does it do this? By suggesting ideas for outings. 💬 The tourist can organize his day according to your recommendations.

  • If he likes gastronomy for example, he can create his “ideal day” as follows:
    In the morning, discover a particular vineyard with a tasting workshop, at noon, head for a small 100% local restaurant whose cuisine is based on local products, and in the afternoon, take a digestive stroll to discover a particular place.
  • If he likes the decoration you can recommend him :
    The flea market in the morning or stores of decoration or brocante, a restaurant-boutique where you can buy the decoration appreciated during his meal, and in the afternoon a pottery workshop with a ceramist to leave with a unique creation.

A virtuous circle since the customer saves time in organizing his activities, lives memorable experiences, while the partner generates revenue, and on your side you nourish the customer relationship and the desire to extend his stay or to return. 💓

4. A Webapp to better understand the expectations of its customers and attract new ones

As you can see, the digital welcome booklet is a great source of information for your prospects and customers. If you use it properly, the application will take care of your customer relations at every stage: before, during and after your stay!

The pre-stay: reassure the customer to make him want to stay with you

In advance stay: you can send directly the link of the Webapp to your prospects and customers, or insert it in your email signature. 📲
They have direct access to all the information about your accommodation, to your nuggets and recommendations of tourist places.

This way, you satisfy your prospects’ thirst for information and discovery right away. A considerable asset in terms of customer reassurance that encourages the act of purchase and maximizes your booking rate! 🎯

During the stay : facilitate and enrich the customer experience to make them your ambassadors

During the stay: by word of mouth or via a QR code displayed in the room (which can, by the way, be inserted in an elegant frame and be an integral part of the decor), your guests prepare their activities in complete autonomy while being comfortably installed in your home.
On your side, you take advantage of this time to devote yourself to your other tasks (or chill, it’s up to you 😉 ).

After your stay: strengthen your brand image and increase your sales

After the stay: the customer remembers the experiences he had at your place and on your territory, he can even leave comments and photos.
This way, you create a network of ambassadors-connoisseurs that strengthens your e-reputation and can only make new prospects want to stay with you! 🏆

The digital welcome booklet at the service of your customer relations strategy

The app that infuses premium brand positioning 🔔😬😁😄

Like your establishment, the welcome booklet must be unique and reflect your personality. It is therefore entirely customizable, from the insertion of your logo to your graphic charter, typography and colors.

Beyond the graphic personalization of the tool, the fact of offering a simple, accessible and high quality content to your customers reinforces your brand image.
It’s the little details that reflect a professional image, and a well thought out and powered digital tool can have a powerful impact on increasing your revenue. 📈

The app that allows you to better know your customer targets to better communicate

To go further, the StyQR application allows you, like Google Analytics, to consult the statistics of the most viewed pages. This marketing data is a very useful source of information to feed your customer relationship strategy. It allows you to have a clear and precise vision of their expectations in terms of facilities and services, tourist interests and to identify the relevant content on which to communicate. 💬

Beyond the app: building an effective web content strategy

More than ever, creating reliable, fresh and engaging content is at the heart of digital marketing issues.

Data collection allows you to feed all your web channels, from your website to your social networks:

  • To highlight your most popular or requested services and facilities, or even create new ones to develop the marketing of your establishment,
  • To promote your destination’s tourist assets and thus extend the length of your stay,
  • To create new offers or partnerships according to the desires of your targets.
    For example, if you identify that many customers consult a page dedicated to a nature leisure activity, why not negotiate a discount with a socio-professional close to you? You are weaving a local partnership potentially bringing business and the customer will be delighted to take advantage of an offer thanks to you. 🎁

As you can see, the level of professionalism in the holiday rental sector is constantly increasing. The same applies to the demands of the customers.
Travellers are no longer just looking for a place to stay, they want to live like locals and the first to understand this is Airbnb.
Travellers expect more than accommodation, they want to feel at home, and that their hosts are welcoming and informative.

In conclusion, enriching the experience of your prospects and customers is the best way to increase your turnover!

Using the StyQR digital welcome booklet

What is the purpose of the StyQR application ?

The StyQR digital welcome booklet is a digital webapp that provides travelers with a pocket guide that answers all their questions. In terms of logistics concerning your accommodation, it is also a tourist guide to your best addresses.
Multilingual, it allows managers or reception staff who do not speak the customer’s language to offer the same quality of access to information.

Why use StyQR as a tourism professional ?

StyQR allows you to consolidate your brand image by offering travelers a simple and useful tool before and after their stay. It saves time for the host and allows him to develop his local professional network and attract new prospects.

How to get started on StyQR ?

To take your first steps with StyQR, try one of our live demos in our customized hosting booklet and download our free white paper.