Tired of waiting for your loved ones to have the same availability as you? Don’t hesitate, go solo! Solo travel is all the rage these days.

Safety first

Solo travel requires a great deal of organization. A destination, accommodation, sufficient security and budget.

For your accommodation, for example, opt for youth hostels. They’ll let you pay less for your night and meet new people!

Once again, for your own safety, find out well in advance about the place you want to visit, the neighborhoods to avoid and useful places such as hospitals, police stations and local shops. With all this you’re bound to have the key to a successful trip.

The feeling of freedom

Self-discovery is usually at the heart of this kind of trip.

A great alternative when you want to get away from a hectic day-to-day routine or are on automatic pilot. If you need to make big decisions or simply refocus on yourself. Or you may just like the peace and solitude that this mode of travel brings ?.

In other words, a great way to recharge your batteries and clear your head!

Solo travel, not so solo!

If you’re the kind of solo traveler who takes the plunge because there’s no one else to go with you, we’ve got a great alternative for you: solo group travel!

More and more websites are offering a new kind of concept: travel with strangers. This is what Les Covoyageurs, Copines de Voyage and Weroad offer.

A pretty cool alternative when you want to travel but don’t want to be alone. A big advantage if you can’t bring anyone with you. Thanks to this kind of concept, you’re not alone anymore😉

It can be in the form of a tour for those who are more into road trips, or simply lazing by the sea. Each site has its own specificity: some offer trips based on affinities, others are just for girls, or others are totally adapted to what you want to discover. Whatever the case, you’re bound to find something to suit you!

Take the plunge into solo adventure and tell us how it went! ?