Life, unusual hotels

Do you want to stay in an attractive, new-generation, budget hotel ? Then look no further, Life Hotels is for you! 😍

You’ll see, you’ll be able to feel free and use the place according to your desires!
Life combines hotels of course with an arty decoration, coworking and entertainment spaces, and on top of that a 24-hour catering service !

Its history

It was through the first containment that each member of the ValueState Hotels group was able to focus on the idea of founding Life. 🚀
Yes, at that point we were all at home either working or finding a new hobbit to discover.

From brainstorming to designing Life “Better than home”, these professionals and enthusiasts took time to think about the idea and its 4 pillars Sleep, Work, Arty & Play.

Of course, they thought of everything, the importance of digital and the preservation of the environment that they wanted to create a newgen brand, while remaining in line with the values that are increasingly carried by everyone.


Inside the accommodation, you will discover rooms with a design unique to each establishment.
Everything has been thought of so that you can have a wonderful stay, from the furnishings to the uncluttered decoration that will immerse you in the Life atmosphere. 😁

So as well as recharging your batteries in the best possible bedding, you also get to enjoy the chromecast ! Perfect for a chill evening in front of your favourite series.

You’ll see, you’ll immediately feel better than at home! 😊


Some of these rooms can be adapted to your needs to offer you a working space.
In addition, co-working is available, perfect for brainstorming with others, or to have a quiet place where you can work in peace. Everything is designed for ! 😄


In the Play rooms you will find everything you need to train.
Sports equipment and training videos specially produced for LIFE.
You’ll be in shape with these comprehensive sessions! 💪

If you are more interested in meeting and sharing places, you will be delighted to see the common areas.
Like a library, games and little surprises that members of the team will have made for you, are waiting for you ! 😁


In terms of design, all LIFE spaces have been designed by the architect MOHA.
From the breakfast room, through the warm space and the heart of a gourmet offer, to the centre of this alveolus…

Of course LIFE always preserves the environment, symbolic design in connection with the vital need to eat 😉

Key dates

Under the sun ☀️

In July 2021, Life hotels will open its first establishment in Marseille, in the heart of the Old Port. What could be better than spending a weekend in a place near the beach? 😎

In the centre of the wine region 🍷

See the Bordeaux train station ? Next to it is the second Life Hotels establishment which opened its doors in January 2022 ! Currently being renovated, it can’t wait to welcome you to discover its atypical universe. 😊

Who came up with this wonderful idea ?

Indeed, François Dubrule and Alexis Caude are the two entrepreneurs who founded the sendinblueValueState group in 2010 before subsequently creating the Life brand.

“Dear Lifeuses Lifeurs, Since my beginnings in the hotel business, supported by a demanding family environment, I have been keen to share my values. I hope that you will find them at LIFE because everything must flow during your stay. Work, play, rest or laugh, nothing should be missing! And all this in the best place in town… Life is cool”.

François Dubrule

Guest & Strategy: a great spirit of support

In a few words, what is Guest & Strategy?

Since March 2010, Guest & Strategy is one of the first agencies to have specialised in assisting project owners and owners of bed and breakfast and furnished accommodation. 🔥

Yes, they accompany these ambitious entrepreneurs, regardless of their status as defined by the tourism code. Whether they are classified as furnished tourist accommodation, hotels, campsites, guest houses, youth hostels or tourist residences.

Their expertise

Project feasibility study

This expertise is there to give emergence to the DNA of your tourism project.
This support will allow you to anticipate the birth and development of your activity on all levels 😁 positioning, legal status, financial investment, the activity forecast, the competition, the marketing and sales strategy with, of course, the retroplanning.

And there you have it, thanks to all this, it becomes the real guide to creation, the roadbook!
Follow it carefully to maximise your chances of success! 😉

Training courses

With Guest & Strategy, you will have the chance to follow individual training courses in direct interaction with the trainer. Not bad, eh ? 😁

In addition to doing one-to-one training, Guest & Strategy offers 100% remote and online training with their new Guest Learning tool coming soon !

This will allow you to become more professional in areas such as web marketing, website design, customer experience, feasibility studies and pricing strategies. 😊


Once the feasibility of the project is validated, it’s time to create your brand image !
Don’t worry, the Guest & Strategy team are more than used to accompanying entrepreneurs in the tourism field, listening to you of course and especially by your side. 😉

Whether it’s a website or business cards, Guest & Strategy takes care of it !


That’s it, you’ve validated the feasibility of your project and it’s time for you to get started ! 🚀
No stress, Guest & Strategy does not leave you totally in the wild, 😉 the team accompanies you in the management and coordination of your project in the “pre-opening” phase.

A double target

Tourism socio-professionals

Guest & Strategy assists tourism socio-professionals in the various phases of setting up or managing their business. 😊

Internal institutional actors

To guide and advise the internal institutional actors in the evolution of their relationship with these socio-professionals, by proposing new service offers adapted to their needs. 😉

Stay In: the specialist in short and medium term furnished rentals

Do you dream of renting the flat of your dreams but are a bit lost, you don’t know where to look? Today we present Stay In, a specialist in short or medium term luxury furnished rentals. For the time being, the young start-up is mainly located in the South West of France, but it is now looking to expand internationally! Ready for the big trip?

1. Stay In what is it exactly?

Stay In is a French start-up specialising in short and medium term seasonal rental of luxury houses and flats. What’s its advantage? It offers owners the possibility to let their properties be managed for rent or sale. Based in Toulouse, it is present in 12 cities and has over 200 properties.

Stay In offers its services to help you find the rental of your dreams and also offers a concierge service to owners to sell or rent their property.

With them, no worries, a team is at your disposal 7 days a week and all rentals are fully furnished and secure. To find out more, you can take a look at their Instagram.

2. Who is behind this beautiful project?

Founded in 2009, Stay In has over 10 years of experience in the rental sector. Taken over in 2020 by its current manager, Ms. Dessaint Albane, it is now increasingly focusing on national and international markets.

Their vision in 3 years? “To become an international rental company in the medium and high end segments.

The young and dynamic team is constantly evolving and growing: in a short space of time, they have a development manager, a city manager, a graphic designer, a sales assistant and two apprentices, enough to do wonders!

3. What are the benefits of Stay In over the long term?

As we know, Covid has changed our habits. Among them, the habit of working only at home. With the repeated confinements, we needed to go to work, but elsewhere.

So Stay In offers a lot of long-term rentals. In particular, it offers a 100% personalised selection based on our needs and expectations (described in the form to be sent in on their site).

To make a long story short, here are the notable advantages:

  • No need for a guarantor (goodbye to the famous “your guarantor earns 4x the amount of the rent?”)
  • A monthly rent with a sliding scale of charges according to the duration of the stay
  • A furnished flat
  • An answer in less than 48 hours
  • A contract including: water, gas and electricity

You can also find premium services : transports, VIP…

As you can see, the team StyQR is won over by Stay In that we are now supporting! What about you? When are you booking?

Skrin, the high quality leatherette supports

Skrin ?

Skrin, they are THE 100% personalised leatherette holders! They include, colour, materials and logo, specially designed to sublimate your information on a point of sale, and this everywhere in France! 🚀

In addition, you can have this same support for all your point of contact locations of your hotel. 😁
With just a print of your information, news, advertising, you can insert them into your Skrin holder in your image of course!

Skrin relies on the “sheathing” technology for its fabrications. This technology, which is specific to the luxury industry, allows us to offer modern and elegant supports that reflect the image of each of our customers!

As you will have understood, Plexiglas mounts are now out of fashion today, no more mounts lacking in quality!
Skrin is taking over with its supports that sublimate your information!🤩

Skrin, a high-end display

With Skrin, you can have a leatherette product, quality stitching and sheathing technology unique to the luxury industry, all in a high-end display. 🔥

With Skrin’s durable and customisable displays, you make a difference:
A large choice of colours
Adaptable formats (A4-A5-A6)
A variety of styles.
Customisation with your own logo.

POS / POP materials

At a point of sale, you may already have experienced this situation. Where it was tricky to showcase your offers, services and information in a harmonious way with a beautiful decoration.

With Skrin, you draw your customers attention in a flash 😉 to a product or offer while keeping your brand image! 😁

It’s easy, just print your information or advertisement in the right format and slip it into the window!
Plus you can have peace of mind 😇 Skrin’s materials are long-lasting.

Premium media

Skrin offers you to sublimate your information thanks to a leatherette of the “sheathing” technology specific to the luxury industry.

Have you ever seen the finish of the product? Its stitching fills the finish of the product which gives a modern and classy look. 😎

In addition, thanks to the glass inserted in the slot, you will have your information/advertising highlighted!


Once your model and format have been determined, it’s time to choose the imitation leather! Skrin offers you around fifty references with different textures and colours, so you’re sure to find something you like. 😁

As well as choosing your leatherette, you can choose the colour of the stitching. And for front or back only models, you can choose alcantara on the back.
The little extra is that you can enhance your brand image by integrating your printed logo on a leatherette tab that is glued to the backing, in the right place for. 😉

Henri Trip, the web platform that invites you to travel

Henri Trip ?

It’s the story of two friends who are passionate about travel 🚗 and discovery and who want to share their favorites and good plans, all with a free platform to organize your trips. 😁

It makes your life easier and saves you time with simple logistics 😁 Henri Trip is THE partner for French tourism actors who want to engage or strengthen their presence on the web and actively digitise their offers (creation of video content, images, newsletter, interactive maps, instant messaging…).

Henri Trip is above all about exchange, sharing and discovery. 🚀

“Giving a second wind to French tourism by highlighting our regions, being the trusted companion of users in the organisation of their trips and of tourism operators in the development of their digitalisation and their services, such is the vocation of Henri Trip”. Gregory Muratorio and Maxime Lagreze Co-founders.

A valuable partner for travellers

From organisation…

“Henri Trip is a travel planner created by a young and dynamic team.
Shauna, Sales and partnerships.

Accessible from a web browser, it saves you a download! 😏 No more long and complex planning, no more tedious searches on unsuitable sites… Thanks to Henri Trip, you can leave with peace of mind to conquer our sweet France. 🚗 With a travel companion like Henri Trip, you have all the information about the tourist sites and you can benefit from personalized suggestions.

In one click you can book and pay for your tickets! You can then edit a PDF summary of all payments made and more importantly generate a real personalized guidebook and totally free….😉

To sharing…

Henri Trip is much more than a planning platform, it is a community of sharing.”
Marie, Sales and Marketing Department.

Discover atypical, unusual, sometimes unknown or even secret places…🤫 This platform is the exchange between travellers who wish to share their experiences, their good plans and give their opinions. With instant messaging, holidaymakers can get in touch directly with the tourist site and facilitate exchanges.

“The term travel takes on its full meaning when you no longer waste time or money” – Nicolas, Pôle Tech

A committed partner of the tourism industry

“It started as an ambitious project 🚀 and ended up being the real solution to modernise our cultural heritage” Damien, Commercial and Professional Relations.

A true partner…

Henri Trip gives greater visibility to travellers. Thanks to its quality referencing and to the important place occupied by visitors’ sharing and feedback. A beautiful, optimal and tailor-made management perfect for your needs ! 😉

… at the service of tourist sites

Henri Trip supports tourist sites in their digital strategy and offers quick and clear solutions 🤩 always with the same objective: to make the traveller’s life easier in the organisation of his trip, for the tourist site in its digitalisation and in the improvement of its relationship with the visitor. Reservations, ticketing, audio guides, interactive site map, content creation (videos, images…), the platform allows to modulate different tools and to manage them. Henri Trip improves the direct link with the customer and establishes a real relationship of trust through its platform. 😊

“It is a real digital tool, created for tourism professionals and travellers. Henri Trip creates close links between the two entities” – Léonore, Community Manager

Who is Henri Trip ?

“The new generation that reinvents e-tourism” – Guénolé, Motion Design and Communication Department.

“A team united around the same objective” – Dang, Tech Unit

Grégory and Maxime both had the idea for the platform thanks to their love for France and its treasures. 😍

Passionate about travelling, they set off to discover unusual places, beautiful landscapes that France has to offer, and of course, taste the wonders of French gastronomy. 🤤

They realise that the organisation of a trip is paramount and start to imagine the idea of Henri Trip. From there, they create the platform where everyone can organise their trips, share their good plans and discover some. 🔥

Grégory Muratorio

Former law graduate 🎓, then lawyer in sustainable development, he accompanies young entrepreneurs in the creation of their company. In addition, he is a town councillor for the town of Lagardelle-sur-Lèze ! He has a great desire to promote his town, his region and beyond the attractiveness of his country to the French and foreign tourists.

Reviving French tourism by reconciling it with digital technology is what led him to imagine Henri Trip ! 😁

Maxime Lagreze

With 10 years of experience in web application development, Maxime is an engineer by training.

As a travel enthusiast and geek 🤓 he wanted to support tourism operators in their digital transition by creating Henri Trip. For a beautiful organization of their stays, a discovery of the most popular tourist sites as well as the most secret ones and for tourism actors to enhance their offers.

This is why he created Henri Trip.

“Henri Trip is a young and dynamic team with a thirst for ambition and success.”
Pierre, Tech Pole

And if now you feel like travelling, discover our different articles on our beautiful French regions !