Our tutorialsfor the configuration of your booklet

Find out how to integrate the modules into your booklet with our tutorials! !
This way you can create your booklet simply and easily. 🔥

Around me

Above all, add your good addresses and tips to your welcome booklet!

Thanks to your little additions, your travellers will be delighted to find your little tips.

You can also comment on each address to give your travellers more details 😉

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Arrival infos

How do I put arrival information in my welcome booklet?

It’s simple, click on the video to find out how to inform your travellers of the arrival time slot, your rules and much more. 😁

Welcome message

What if you greet your travellers with a welcome note in your welcome booklet?

So click on the video to find out how to add a little word to your travellers! 😊

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Language configuration

If you have foreign travellers, no worries!

In short, you can translate your booklet into 8 languages! 😁

So, check out the video to find out how to translate your booklet!

Useful infos

Indeed, your travellers need to know the practical information of your accommodation, your services on the spot, the parking… 😁

Watch the video to discover how to integrate this module in your welcome booklet!

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Could I have the access codes please?

Of course you can! With the digicode in your booklet, your travellers will be able to enter your accommodation without worries! 😇

So click on the video to find out how to put the digicode in your booklet.



Give the name and password of your wifi code. Then your travellers will just have to copy and paste your information to connect!

Alors direction sur la vidéo pour savoir comment faire !

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If you have the hotspot in your accommodation, pass on the information to your travellers!

All you have to do is tell your travellers how to connect to your wifi via the hotspot link.

Watch how to put your hotspot link on the video! 😁

Useful numbers

Of course, it’s always handy for your travellers to have the useful numbers in case of a problem.

So click on the video to find out how to put the useful numbers in your booklet!

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Do you want your travellers to leave you a little review at the end of their stay?

In addition to knowing all the details (the date, the author, the note and the review), in the video we show you how to put the guestbook inside the booklet!

Change the logo

And what about putting your own logo in your booklet?

It’s possible, find out how to replace the StyQR logo with your own in the video!

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Bitly links

Creating an account

Want to track your statistics? Create a free account on bitly and you will know all the details about your links.

Then click on the video to see how to create an account.

Link creation bitly

How about shortening your URL links? Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy!

So, come and discover how to create bitly links on the video! !

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Customise your booklet

How do you change the background, font and colours in the booklet?

In short, watch the video to find out how to personalise your booklet! 😄