Simplify your Airbnb management with a co-host!

Managing the whole organization of your Bnb rental is sometimes a real headache. Indeed, if renting between individuals can allow you to earn money, it nevertheless requires a well-functioning organization (reception of the travelers, handing-over of the keys, cleaning…).

Sometimes, we would like to be able to manage all that more easily! What if we told you that it is possible? We present you today the functioning of the “co-hosts”, your best ally for your BnB rental!

What's a

airbnb co-host ?

First, let’s analyze the word: Co-host. Does this make you think of the word teammate? Bingo! A Co-Host is a partner whose mission is to help you manage your rental and your travelers. But who can be a co-host? There is no limit, you just need a mutual agreement.

It is therefore highly recommended to ask someone you can rely on (family, friend, neighbor…). If you don’t know anyone around you who can play this role, you can probably find someone through the Airbnb community forum.

The co-host


You remain the main manager and the co-host is your assistant in the rental Airbnb. His/her mission: to replace you on the tasks that you will not be able to perform. Your co-host can also help you on :

  • Creating and updating the ad
  • Preparing the accommodation (restocking supplies, cleaning, repairs, bedding…)
  • Welcoming and assisting travelers (handing over keys, questions, problems…)
  • Communication and management of travelers’ comments
  • Management of reservations

To give the status of co-host to someone, you just have to add him/her to your ad Airbnbfollowing this tutoriel.

With a co-host, managing your rentals becomes easier! However, it is essential to choose a person you can trust to avoid any dispute. If you are having trouble finding a suitable co-host or if you prefer to use a professional, we have the solution for you: BnB concierge services.

Discover our articles on two famous BnB concierge services :

: GuestReady   and Welkeys !

Couples: an interesting target for your rental

Do you rent an apartment or a house of the studio or two-room type? Couples are therefore your preferred customers! But how to best meet their expectations and needs? From the writing of your ad to the reception of your travelers, here is our advice to put all the chances on your side!


their needs

We can’t put all travel couples in the same box! Indeed, some simply want to spend time together, to be quiet, to rest, others want to have fun, to do sports and activities. Some prefer to discover and visit the city, while others are passionate about the local gastronomy! Depending on the location of your accommodation and its “atmosphere”, it will be more willing to welcome a certain type of traveler. Be attentive to their needs and don’t hesitate to give them your advice and good addresses to make their stay a success! You can use your digital welcome booklet.

How to encourage them to

book your accomodation ?

Love softens morals but not requirements! To make couples come to your place, you will have to win them over as soon as you create your rental ad. The characteristics of your accommodation, its equipment and photos will be essential elements. You can specify in your ad that your accommodation is ideal for couples, and highlight certain elements (a king-size bed, a Jacuzzi, a romantic decor …). Finally, don’t hesitate to read our article “Our advices for a good ad” who will help you write it.

Ad example

Little touches to

satisfy your travelers

Be considerate of your travelers and don’t hesitate to give them your phone number to prepare for the couple’s arrival. It is possible that they will rent your Airbnb to celebrate a special occasion (wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day…). You will be able to offer them a special welcome or surprise them with a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, a bottle of wine or champagne. For this, we have found a good address for you : La boutique des Proprios. This website will offer you various welcome kits to satisfy all your travelers!

So, if couples are the main target of your rental, you can apply these few tips to encourage them to book your accommodation. Once there, their satisfaction is also essential. To do so, you should, StyQR accompanies you with the digital welcome booklet. Create a free welcome guide for your accommodation in just a few clicks to include all the practical information (wifi code, specificities of the rental, good addresses nearby…). Your tenants will be able to access it easily by scanning a QR code placed in a nice picture frame. They will be more independent, and so will you!

Create your booklet

The best luggage storage systems

When you run a hotel, a guest house or you rent your accommodation on platforms like Airbnb, we want to satisfy our travelers at all costs! Sometimes we have to bend over backwards to meet their demands, such as keeping their luggage on the day of their departure during their visits. Indeed, this is a problem frequently encountered by travelers: finding themselves with their luggage on their hands before check-in or after check-out. Fortunately, some great ideas have been developed to make your travelers’ (and therefore your own!) life easier. So why not suggest one of these solutions to your customers? We explain it all to you.


luggage transfer

If your accommodation is located in Paris, this luggage transfer system will be perfect for your travelers! Drop your Bag picks up the luggage of your customers at the place of their choice (hotel, airbnb or elsewhere) and then they will be dropped off at the desired time at the airport (Charles de Gaulle or Orly). A practical, flexible and secure solution for your travelers to enjoy their last day without any constraints!


luggage storage

Holibag is a luggage storage service that is available in nearly 100 cities in France and Europe. The system is convenient, secure (with insurance) and connected! Travelers book their luggage locker from the mobile app or website, then they go to the location to drop off their luggage and finally they receive a reminder notification shortly before the end of the locker. They will then be able to enjoy their day to the fullest by dropping off the items of their choice (suitcases, helmets, shopping bags…).


3 in 1 !

Eelway is a complete luggage management service that offers three options:

  • Luggage storage at a network of partner hotels. If you own a Airbnb or a guest house, it is an interesting solution to advise your guests. If you manage a hotel, why not offer your deposit services?
  • Luggage transfer from the airport or train station to your home, hotel or Airbnb.
  • Delivery of luggage from one place to another, in France and internationally.

Eelway is therefore a complete, easy, fast and secure solution!

These three services will allow you to simplify the life of your travelers so that they spend a pleasant stay in your accommodation. You can therefore suggest that they use one of these solutions for their luggage.

In order to provide them with the necessary information easily, you can include it in the “Practical information” module of your digital welcome booklet. Indeed, StyQR allows you to create your accommodation’s digital welcome booklet for free and in a few clicks, in order to organize all the useful information (wifi code, digicode, tips, good addresses…). Your customers will simply access it by scanning a QR code integrated in a nice picture frame.

Create your booklet

Our tips for successful photos of your Airbnb ad

It is statistically proven that the quality of your photos has a great importance on the success of your rental ad! Indeed, professional quality photos will allow you to improve the performance of your ad by getting more bookings and longer reservations. The rate per night will also be 26% higher and finally the overall rental income will be 40% higher! So don’t wait any longer to improve the photos of your ad! Here are our tips.

Source : Airbnb

Use a

professional photographer

It is the choice of simplicity: you will be assured of a result of great quality. You can call upon a professional photographer in your area, the rates vary in general from 80€ to 300€ depending on the photographer, the size of your home and the number of pictures taken.
Airbnb also offers a professional photographer service, whose price will be deducted from your future rentals (clic here for more information).

Take the pictures

by yourself

If you want to save money and you are a little creative, you can very well make the photos yourself. Choose a camera or smartphone with good quality. Your home should be clean, tidy and not too busy, with a neat decoration. Remember to take a sufficient number of photos. Take pictures of each room, and don’t neglect the details that can make a difference and make your travelers fall in love with you (for example, pretty plants, candles…)! Choose good angles, avoid taking pictures from too high or with your camera tilted.

Our tips for even

better pictures

If your photos are not perfect the first time, don’t panic! You can retouch them for an even better result. For this, you can do it directly on iPhone by playing on the brightness, contrast and saturation.You can also use the application Snapseed, very powerful and easy to use.
Finally, you can invest in a tripod or a wide angle lens to improve your angles of view.

These tips are sure to increase your bookings and therefore your rental income!
But we still have more tips in store for you 😉

The basic equipment for your B&B rental

You rent your accommodation on Airbnb or you want to start soon? Then you’re probably wondering what equipment you need to leave behind for your locataires. In fact, in addition to the basic requirements, there are certain elements that will allow you to satisfy your guests and make them more independent during their stay! So, we have prepared for you the list of the essential equipment and the “bonuses” that you could also add.

The must-haves

The basic items that must be provided in your rental are clean sheets, pillows, towels, soap and toilet paper. Also remember to specify in your ad if your accommodation is equipped with wifi, which has become a must for many travelers today! Also indicate if your accommodation has a free parking space. In order to reassure your travelers, you can indicate in your ad the security equipment (alarm, smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector).

Bonus items

In order to satisfy your travelers and to make them more autonomous during their stay, you can also provide them with shampoo, a hair dryer, an umbrella, an iron and an ironing board, laundry or feminine hygiene products. To make life easier for them, you can leave basic kitchen items (salt, pepper, olive oil, vinegar) and cleaning products at their disposal.

The good plan : the welcome kits

In order to find easily and cheaply all the elements mentioned above, you can buy or make a welcome kit for your tenants. This kit can be for example composed of basic elements for hygiene and cooking, or small welcome gifts (regional products, chocolates…). We advise you to take a look at La boutiques des Proprios, the ideal site to find your welcome kit.

The welcome booklet

In order to accompany your travelers during their stay, the welcome booklet is a must. You can specify in it the specificities of your accommodation and the functioning of the household appliances. You can also indicate which products and elements are available to your tenants. In short, the welcome booklet allows you to list all the useful information about your accommodation (wifi, digicode, useful numbers, good addresses nearby, practical information…).

Create you welcome booklet

5 mistakes to avoid when welcoming your travelers

It is common to be unsure of the most appropriate way to welcome your travelers to your home. In trying to do the right thing, you end up acting awkwardly. Don’t panic, StyQR gives you in these few lines the 5 mistakes to avoid for a successful welcome!

1. Being too quick

It is clear that repeating the same speech over and over again upon the arrival of each new traveler can be cumbersome and redundant. You get tired of repeating the same questions, introductions, and explanations. As a result, you unpack your tirade at once and you unconsciously go too fast. Beware, your guests could take this as a lack of courtesy. Indeed, an awkward welcome could make your travelers feel uncomfortable. Take a deep breath, put on your best smile and take the time to answer all questions. In addition, the creation fo your digital welcome booklet will allow you to transmit easily and quickly all useful information.

2. Making your guests late

Don’t keep your guests for long. They are there above all to rest and to meet each other. Don’t forget that they have just made a long journey. Release them as soon as possible because they will never dare to tell you themselves.

3. Impose your presence throughout the stay

Your tenants should be able to reach you if they need to. But the rest of the time, be discreet. Let them enjoy their moments of relaxation in solitude. Don’t be too invasive and intrusive in their stay, under the pretext that they are staying in one of the rooms of your house. Not everyone is looking for company! Some people choose an Airbnb rental to save money on the price of their stay, not to socialize with the owner.

4. Cleanliness of the premises that leaves something to be desired

What good is a beautiful decoration if it is made in an unsanitary and unclean place? Not much, or a predictable disappointment! Avoid putting your travelers in an unpleasant environment. Clean the rooms used by travelers, the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Check floors for hair, stains, dust and mildew. Between stays, check that everything is in good condition: change the sheets and towels available to travelers. Clear out the trash, food and items left behind by previous travelers.

5. Reserve a bad surprise

Imagine travelers having traveled a long distance to get to you. Once there, you tell them that some items are not included in the price they paid, that you have no more sheets or that Gipsy your dog will be present in your accommodation when it was not specified. This is completely inconceivable! Plan everything in advance and anticipate this kind of situation. In the event of an unforeseen event, keep calm, be courteous and precise. Play down the problem and propose solutions.