Welcome to Londonthe "world city"

London is probably one of the most visited European capitals.

Rightly so, whether you are particularly attracted by the history of the British monarchy, their atypical gastronomy or just by their accent, it is in the British capital that you can satisfy your curiosity.

Its historical

London also attracts people for its particularly remarkable historical monuments. Our preference is of course for Big Ben, the gigantic clock located in the heart of London, but we have to admit that Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace are also remarkable.

They can be visited, you just have to take your tickets in advance.

Strolling through the streets
of his favorite movies

For Harry Potter fans, and not only of course, this is where you will find the famous King’s Cross station. In the same spirit but for the fans of Paddington Bear this time it is also here that you will find the district that bears his name, the station and its giant statue inside. The Paddington district is particularly lively and full of traditional pubs, for English beer lovers in particular 😉.

If you walk in this district, you will inevitably come across Hyde Park. It is the biggest park in London. If you cross it from Paddington you will find yourself in the very chic Knightsbridge district and in front of the famous Harrods department store.

The twomust-haves

Now let’s go to the other side of London to talk about two particularly famous places, London Bridge and London Tower.

It is here that you can discover the jewels of the crown.

Neighborhoodsnot to be missed

If we go back to the heart of the city, you will absolutely have to make a detour to its particularly well known districts that are Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.

A very lively shopping area in the heart of the Westminster district.

Not to mentionCamden Town

Finally, to finish with the districts of London, we take the opportunity to remind you that this is not an exhaustive list and that all districts deserve to be visited, let’s talk about Camden Town.

It is probably the most atypical place you can find in the capital. Particularly known for its huge market and its food stalls from all over the world, this gothic-sounding district is also full of small independent designer stores, souvenir stores or tattoo artists.

We advise you to go there especially for the originality of the place. All the store fronts are worked, decorated and particularly colored.

Even moreto discover

Finally, for those who are more in search of activities, gastronomic discoveries or traditional and artisanal pubs, you will be satisfied.

The English charm will probably seduce you no matter what makes you vibrate. We choose to make your mouth water a little, especially with this last part because there is so much to discover that we urge you to make your own unforgettable discoveries.

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