The eye-catching booklet!

Today, you welcome your travelers with a smile, and you’ve always thought that there was something missing to make this welcome even more perfect.

With the StyQR digital welcome booklet, you can add value to your assets and effectively transmit information to your travelers via a QR code! 😉

They’ll be delighted with the experience and will enjoy their stays with you with all the information in their pockets! 😁


Your benefits


The digital welcome booklet gives you peace of mind 😉

Quick booklet creation
Automatic translation into 8 languages
Fully customizable

to use

Try for free

Find all the essentials

to add in your digital welcome booklet

Around me

Add your good addresses and tips– your travellers love them!

And don’t forget to leave comments on each address to give your travelers a few tips 😉

A word of welcome

Write a little welcome note to your travelers, they’ll be delighted with the welcome. 😁


Enter your wifi code name and password.
With a simple copy and paste, your travelers will be connected to your wifi! 😁

around me

Arrival information

Inform your travelers of the arrival time slot, 🕥 your payment and much more.


Write down the access codes to your accommodation so that your travelers can enter without hassle 😉

Useful numbers

Add emergency and useful numbers for your travelers.


Discover and try StyQR

You can now create your free welcome booklet and test it!

Try me !

Clic and try me

Save time
Enhance your travelers’ experience
Add value to your accommodation
Customize the design of your booklet

A personalized rate


3 €TTC

per month per rental



Unlimited modules

Around me" module

Inventory" module

StyQR Premium

Calculate the cost of your welcome booklet.

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your digital welcome booklet ?

Click on the video to see a small demonstration! 😁