Welcome to Tokyo the river gate

Tokyo is the world’s largest city. Impressive in terms of size, technology and the number of inhabitants per square meter, it will not leave you indifferent. A total change of scenery guaranteed.

A city ofmultiple facets

Between modernity and tradition, Tokyo knows how to maintain the charm and attraction of its walls. Numerous neighborhoods rub shoulders without looking alike. You can go from a hyper-modern district with its buildings and screens to a district of traditional houses and temples.

That’s what makes this city so magical.

Going for a walkin the neighborhoods

Shibuya is one of the capital’s liveliest districts. The famous crossroads, often compared to Time Square, lies at its center. In contrast, Asakusa is one of the city’s oldest and most traditional districts. Here you can contemplate the Senso-ji temple, Tokyo’s largest and oldest.

These two districts are a must-see, not least because of their differences. There are many other neighborhoods to discover. The most important thing when you come to Tokyo is to think carefully about your itinerary, because unfortunately the city is so big that you won’t be able to see everything in one go.

Don't missthe must-haves

Another must-see is the Tokyo Tower. Their equivalent (only bigger) of our Eiffel Tower. The view from the top is very pretty. You can admire the whole of Tokyo, as well as Mount Fuji. And the gardens of the Imperial Palace. Only a small part of the gardens is open to the public.

It’s a real place of calm and serenity in the middle of this gigantic megalopolis. It’s really impressive to see how carefully they’re maintained, so don’t miss out. Like the rest of the gardens, the royal palace is only open a few days a year.

But be prepared for a very long wait, as many Japanese are also looking forward to these dates. Take time to discover the Ghibli Museum. It’s out of the way, and places sell out fast, so plan ahead. No improvisation here.

Manga, Cosplayvideo game

Japan is also the stereotypical home of video games, manga and anime , and with good reason: an entire neighborhood is dedicated to this universe! The Akihabara district is a paradise for fans of this universe! We don’t use the word geek to offend anyone ?.

Take the opportunity to go there on Saturdays, as the street is pedestrianized and therefore much more accessible. The really cool thing about this area is playing arcade games and then going for a drink in a Cosplay café and discovering a whole new world.

Take a tour of the exhibitionTeamLab Bordeless

If you get the chance, stop by TeamLab Borderless . It’s a completely digital exhibition, and a fine example of how far Japanese technology has come. It’s a total immersion in colors and shapes. Really cool to do with kids.

Discover gastronomylocal

Finally, let’s talk about gastronomy to conclude this article. The Ginza district is another of Tokyo’s liveliest neighborhoods. Here you’ll find a wide range of stores and restaurants from all cultures.

Of course, you absolutely must try out the street food stalls in the markets. This is where you’ll get a real taste of local food. And don’t miss the famous Tsujiki fish market. You’ll be able to sample fish from the stalls in the small restaurants nearby.

Tokyo is another world, another culture, a real discovery. Whether you go for 3 days or a whole week, you’ll be amazed.

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