Welcome to Sydneythe Harbour City

This destination on the other side of the world attracts a large number of determined tourists every year. Determined why? Because it takes at least 20 hours of flight to reach Australia.

Nevertheless, you will hardly be disappointed by the trip. We put down today our suitcases in Sydney.

Visita must-see

Known to all and probably the most famous place in Sydney come and contemplate the famous Sydney Opera House. The opera house is located in a very lively area, the harbour district.

You will find many restaurants, bars and beautiful views. From this part of the city you will also have a beautiful view of the Harbor Bridge. For the most courageous it is possible to climb it.

A littlegreenery

We continue our visit with the Botanical Garden of Sydney.

It is just next to the Opera House. It is the perfect place to relax and contemplate exotic animals in freedom!

Takethe boat

If you love views, then we really recommend taking a boat tour of the bay.

From the shore you will have a great view of the Opera House, the bridge and the Skyline. Another way to appreciate the Australian megalopolis.

Walk throughthe neighborhoods

Back on the mainland, Sydney is made up of many neighborhoods with their own identities.

The Rocks comes to mind. This one is the oldest district of the city with its nice cobbled streets. In another style, the Newton district is really nice. Ideal to stroll around and visit the thrift shops.

The monumentsnot to be missed

A little tour of the other monuments of Sydney now. The Sydney Tower first of all is really nice at sunset. It offers you a 360° view on the city.

Also go and discover the Saint Mary’s Cathedral of Sydney. It is the biggest cathedral of the city. You will find it very close to the botanical garden and the Hyde park (Yes the same name as the one in London 😉 ).

Take some timeon the beach

Finally, let’s talk a little about the beaches that surround Sydney.

We start with the most known: Bondi beach. It is the beach where you want to walk, take surf lessons and work on your tan. Particularly popular with tourists as well as locals it is a must.
From here you can go for a walk that will take you to the beach of Bronte. It is a particularly pleasant walk. Take the opportunity to swim in the ocean pool and enjoy the view.

But if you come to Sydney you will quickly realize that you have a lot of choice in terms of beaches. We advise you to go and discover the Manly beach. It is located opposite Bondi beach, in the north-east of the city. It is a little the same state of mind that has Bondi beach. Small cafes and restaurants, surfers and fine sand. Perfect combo to feel like you’re on vacation.

Visit theBlues Mountains Park

Finally let’s end this article on a wilder note. If you have the time and the possibility then go and discover the Blues Mountains National Park. The park is open all year round. You will find restaurants and shelters if you want to spend several days there.

It is the perfect place for nature lovers. Hiking, biking, canyoning, abseiling. You will surely find an activity to your liking.

Also take the time to appreciate the 30 points of interest in the park. You will find maps and more explanations within the park.

This article from the other side of the world ends here. There is a lot to discover so go and find out, and don’t forget to update your booklet 😉

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