Welcome to Romethe eternal city

Rome wasn’t built in a day” – who doesn’t know this adage? It’s never been truer. When you set foot in Rome for the first time, or the hundredth, you’re bound to be struck by all this history, this ancient culture that has remained in an exceptional state of preservation.

It’s a city full of riches and good addresses!


The charm of the Italian capital lies above all in the atmosphere of the city. Its cobbled streets, its neighborhoods, its architecture.

That’s why we recommend discovering the city on foot as much as you can, because beyond the great monuments, Rome has so much to offer just by strolling around.

Discoverles jolies places

Having said that, let’s set off to conquer the capital’s legendary squares. Piazza Navona, one of Rome’s largest and most beautiful squares. Many artists come here to paint. Don’t hesitate to spend some time there.

The Piazza di Spagna is a must-see . Renowned for its central staircase and its view over Rome, it offers a beautiful sunset.

The fountainof Trevi

We then continue our visit with the Trevi Fountain. A must-see when visiting the Italian capital.
Nestled in a cluster of small streets, it’s the perfect setting for beautiful photos.

By the way, for gourmets it’s in this little street that you’ll find (for the StyQR team) the best ice cream parlour in Rome. Blue ice, don’t hesitate, all tastes are delicious!

The monumentnot to be missed

Rome, but not totally, the Vatican City. Whether you’re religious or not, this place always makes an impression.

Serenity, rejuvenating calm and a special emotion come over you when you visit this principality. Its St Peter’s Basilica and museums are breathtaking.

Don’t hesitate to buy your tickets in advance to make sure you can visit them.

The amphitheatreFlavien

This brings us to the very heart of the city’s reputation: the Colosseum, an ancient monster with an international reputation.

Remember to buy your tickets in advance, as you won’t be able to buy them on the spot.

Visitthe must-haves

Another must-see is the forum, our favorite place at StyQR. You can wander freely, immersing yourself in this ancient culture. Some temples can still be visited, as can houses and living quarters. We recommend climbing the hill of Monte Palatino, for a breathtaking view of the forum.

Continuing with Rome’s emblematic monuments, you’ll find Piazza Rotonda, home to the world-famous Pantheon. Admission is free. If you choose to visit at the weekend, you’ll need to reserve a slot on the town’s website.

If you have to visit just one district, then choose Trastevere. Rich in small boutiques and restaurants, it’s particularly pleasant to stroll around at the end of the day and stay for dinner.

Take a breakquiet

For those who need to recharge their batteries, the best place to do so is in the gardens of Villa Borghese .
The ideal place to recharge your batteries before setting out again to conquer Rome.

Eating outin Rome

Finally we will finish with a few lines on Roman gastronomy. It is not in Rome that you will die of hunger, far from it. However, we leave you free to choose the addresses you want to try.

We just want to give you a little tip, avoid all the restaurants that are too close to the tourist spots or that title part of their menu “tourist menu”.

If you are looking for authenticity and good flavors, then we advise you to walk through the streets of the city to try a more typical and authentic trattoria.

Our Roman tour ends here, and we hope we’ve inspired you to discover Rome’s secrets for yourself.

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See you soon for a new article with the StyQR team 😉

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