Welcome to Parisour beautiful capital

It makes so many people dream. It has a great reputation, the city of love. It’s pretty cool when you think about it.

Discover through this article and its associated booklet all the good addresses and the places not to be missed during your visit in Paris. Between the good addresses of restaurants, monuments or practical information, we tried to answer all your expectations.

Visite Parisdifferently

For the places to visit we made you a small list of the different discoveries you can make in Paris. Of course everyone knows its mythical monuments like the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe, that’s why I’m not going to go into detail about them, but you must visit them!

After the visit of these inescapable places, we advise you to lose yourself in the Parisian streets. The Montmartre district is always a great success, it is touristy but authentic. Or take a walk in the Tuileries garden and end up discovering the glass pyramid of the Louvres.

Paris is a vastness of discovery and there is nothing better than being surprised at the bend of a street or a neighborhood.

A small and very personal addition, you can also take the time to find the places where your favorite movies were shot! It also promises you a nice Parisian stroll

Good addressesto eat and drink

As for the food, do we have to talk about it? Between you and me, there are hundreds of different restaurants in the capital. It would take too long to list all the best restaurants in Paris. I’ll give you a small selection by neighborhood. Let you know where to go according to your desires ! 😉

If you like Italian food, we recommend La Felicità. You will find pasta, pizzas but also cocktails and desserts in a stunning decor.

Then, in the first 3 districts of Paris you will find a large choice of restaurants. Between the gastronomic ones, the brasseries bistros or the small intimate restaurants. There are many choices in this part of Paris. The Marais district is particularly pleasant for its atmosphere and its new and often innovative addresses.

For lovers of Asian food, we recommend the Chinese quarter in the 13th arrondissement. Let yourself get lost in its alleys decorated with lanterns.

Finally, in the 9th and 10th arrondissements, you will also find many restaurants to satisfy your desires.

You will have understood it, it is not in Paris that you will be hungry!

Getting aroundeasily

But Paris is not only a big city.
It is also, thanks to transportation, an access to its surroundings which are just as pleasant to visit. Thanks to the RER, you can easily go to Fontainebleau where remarkable hikes await you in this little corner of greenery.

You can also go to the Hauts de Seines to recharge your batteries. With the transportation you can arrive directly to Versailles, the opportunity to visit its famous castle. Parisian transportation may seem scary. But don’t worry. Many offers are available depending on your time in the city and the areas you wish to visit.

We particularly recommend the City mapper application. It will be a great help to organize your itineraries.

Amusement parksmust-see

I couldn’t finish this article without reminding you that from Paris you also have direct access to Disneyland Paris and Parc Astérix!

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