Welcome to New Yorkthe city that never sleeps

New York is the very definition of difference, diversity, cultural and social mix. Coming to New York is always an upheaval, whether it is positive or negative.

This city is not for everyone, but it is still a city to visit once in a lifetime.

Preparingfor the shock

So for people who are not used to the city, the American business capital is bound to be a shock. Yes, it is big, crowded and noisy. We rub shoulders with countless people that we will never cross paths with again and who don’t even see us. But besides that, it is also a huge cultural enrichment, the promise of all kinds of activities at any time of the day.

Neighborhoods full of history, iconic places, world-famous monuments and a passion for coffee and hamburgers.

I propose that we go together to discover a city that we at StyQR are particularly fond of.

Practical informationto visit

A practical point before the beginning of the visit, we advise you to take a city pass. It will allow you to visit 3 to 5 places at more affordable prices than if you decide to take each ticket independently.

Buildingsas a viewpoint

New York is above all its buildings that touch the sky. Depending on the one you choose you will have a different view.

For example, if you choose to climb to the top of the Empire State Building you will have a central view of the city. If you choose to climb to the top of the Rock then you will have a beautiful view of the Empire State Building and Central Park.

Finally if you choose one of the observatories on the sides of the city like the Edge or to the south like the One World Observatory then you will also have in addition to a view of a part of New York, a view of New Jersey just across the Hudson.

Emotionsand history

The Twin Towers Memorial is a solemn and historic place to visit.

There is a calm and emotion that you will not find anywhere else in this city.

Strollthrough the neighborhoods

If you’re looking for a real immersion in New York life, take a stroll through the different neighborhoods of the city.

Whether it’s around Hell’s Kitche, Greenwhich village or Soho to the south or the more upscale Upper East and Upper West side neighborhoods that are on either side of Central Park.

You’ll find yourself saying several times “oh but it’s like in the movies”. And it’s true, that’s really what it’s like.

The Times Squarearea

Of course, you can’t miss Time Square, a very famous and touristy place.

It is from an adjacent street that you can discover the theaters housing all the Broadway shows.

Parksand gardens

For those who are worried about the lack of greenery, don’t worry. Of course you can’t miss Central Park, and you shouldn’t!

Discovering the Belvedere Castle, the Turtle Lake or Shakespeare’s old amphitheater is part of the visit of this iconic park.

But that’s not all, if you want a park a little spared from the tourist influx, take a walk in Riverside park. It runs along the entire city from Wall Street to the Bronx and you’ll have a great view of the Hudson River.

Finally, you can walk along the High Line which will lead you to Chelsea Market. It’s the perfect place to buy food and discover small artisan stands. It’s a very nice place to go.

Discover Brooklyn

Discover Brooklyn and more particularly the neighborhood of Williamsburg. Very famous for its delicious brunches and its Street Art. Brooklyn is really another version of New-York.

One could sometimes believe that we are in another city. The best way to get to Brooklyn is to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the breathtaking view of downtown.

Do it at night if you have the chance, it’s exceptional.

Forsports fans

Finally, you will have understood that New York is a state of mind, a way of life and a passion for sports. So if you are there for one of the seasons, attend a basketball game at Madison Square Garden, no need to see an NBA game to appreciate the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the fans.

Or if you prefer baseball go to Yankee stadium to support the team. Just be prepared because we were surprised, a baseball game can last 4 hours.

A vacationatmosphere

And to end on a lazy vacation note, head to Coney Island. It’s the epitome of a waterfront theme park.

Enjoy an ice cream, ride the roller coaster or get a tan on the beach. Either way, your day is bound to be a success.

One last piece of advice before you leave, New York traffic can be very intense and stressful. The city is extremely well served by subways and buses. Just take a metrocard for simplicity’s sake and you are equipped to navigate the city.

We hope this article has been as helpful to you as it was to us when we discovered the city. Don’t hesitate to use it to enrich your welcome booklet and give you ideas for a next trip 😉.

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