Welcome to Marseillethe Phocaean City

I don’t know about you, but just reading the title of the article I can already hear the cicadas singing.

We agree, Marseille is sun, cicadas, creeks and a singing accent!

So we said to ourselves, what if we shared our favorite little places with you, as friends 😉

Visit the creeksbeaches and nature

We admit it, we start with the part we like best. But when you will have read what we have in store for you we dare you to disagree with us 😉

If we tell you, calanque d’En Vau, de Porpin, Plage de la Pointe Rouge you imagine what? Breathtaking landscapes? A turquoise water? Fun and idleness?

Well, you are totally right! The coast of Marseille is a real jewel!

So it is true that to be able to bask on the beaches of some creeks you will first have to do some walking but honestly, when you find yourself in front of this kind of landscape, everything is forgotten!

Of course, for the lovers of sensations and water activities, you will find everything you could want! From the towed buoy, to the paddle and the canoe-kayak!

And finally, for those who prefer to admire the landscape while walking. There are many walks around Marseille.

Among our favorites, there is the hike that starts at the Sugiton cove and ends at the Morgiou cove. We also recommend the hikes that lead to the Pointe du Belvédère or to the Tour de Pomèguet.


But of course Marseille is not only beaches and creeks. We agree with you. There are other things to discover.

And for that, why not go to the Mucem, the great museum of Marseille. As a must, of course, you can walk (for the most courageous) from the Vieux Port to Notre Dame de la Garde. The view is exceptional. Between land and sea, it is really one of the most beautiful places of Marseille.

Finally, if you have the time, we advise you to go to Cassis. It’s a small town at 20km from Marseille. Of course the beaches are heavenly but not only!
Take a walk in its small sloping streets and enjoy a good ice cream on the port! It’s really the best way to discover this little town 😉

And for the gustatory discovery, let’s not forget it, the markets!

Good addressesto eat.

You want to eat a real fish soup, a good bouillabaisse ? You are at the right place!

There is no shortage of restaurants in the city of Marseille and you are bound to find something to suit your taste. The notable advantage is that it is possible to leave the cliché seaside equals necessarily seafood. Here you will find all types of restaurants with their own specialties.
We think of the Miramar for seafood and shellfish lovers.

A table in the south will offer you rather fine and gastronomic food while La Fabrique will offer you a menu more focused on meat and fish. We told you, there is something for everyone! 😊

Convinced by this article? Do you want to discover all this by yourself? Go for it!
And don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on your stay and share your good addresses
At StyQR we are always curious to discover new things.

By the way, we have created a welcome booklet about Marseille. Don’t hesitate to check it out if you’re looking for ideas! 😉

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