Welcome to Lyonthe city of lights

Lyon is particularly known for its Festival of Lights. A young and culturally rich city, it has a lot to offer.

Discoveror rediscover Lyon

If you come to visit Lyon for a short or long stay, you will not be disappointed.

Visit its must-see sites such as the Notre-Dame de Fourvière Cathedral or the Halles Paul Bocuse.

If you prefer to visit museums, then you will find your happiness there too. We can say that Lyon has many particularly original museums. One thinks in particular of the Museum of Miniatures and Cinema or the Museum of Fabrics.

Are you a fan of history and more particularly of the Gallo-Roman culture?

Guess what! You will find here one of the biggest museums dedicated to the Gallo-Roman culture. It’s a good thing you decided to come to Lyon.

Good addressesto eat and drink

You like to go out, have a drink or eat well? You will get along well with the StyQR team because we are the same! If you are hungry? Or a big hunger?

In Lyon, only good addresses! Brasserie Georges for a good meal, Slake Coffée House for a good brunch on Sunday morning or have a drink at the bar Le Bosquet in a bucolic setting!

Are you hungry? Or a big hunger?

Well, there is no lack of restaurants to choose from. In all the districts you will find something to put under the tooth. Even if you don’t have much time or if you’re more of a fast-food person, we recommend the food trucks!

Very trendy and very good! Our favorites are Rocket’s and Le sous-marin Jaunebut don’t hesitate to discover others in the city!

Shoppingfor everyone

Are you a shopping enthusiast like us? Perfect!

Numerous shopping centers throughout the city will satisfy all your desires. La Part Dieu or the Confluence shopping center are our favorites.

The festivalof lights

Finally, as we say the best for the end, if you have the chance to visit Lyon at the right time don’t miss the festival of lights.

Nationally renowned, it is an absolutely breathtaking show. You will never be disappointed because every year it’s a new decor, a new theme, a new atmosphere.

Our little tour of Lyon ends here, with some must-sees and good addresses.
Don’t hesitate to discover them and add them to your booklet!

By the way, the StyQR team has created a typical booklet of the city, take a look at it if you need ideas, or by curiosity 😉!

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