Welcome to Istanbulthe city of Constantinople

We wouldn’t necessarily put Istanbul in the category of particularly touristy cities. And yet that’s where we’re wrong.

Nestled in the heart of Europe, on the edge of the Orient, Istanbul is a capital city full of authenticity and riches. The cohabitation of the two worlds that make up today’s city is always particularly surprising. The vestiges of the past stand side by side with the growing evolution of this cosmopolitan city.

I suggest we discover the must-haves together.

Visitthe basilica

The Basilica of Saint Sophia, one of the capital’s most iconic monuments. It represents all the complexity of this city and its history. Originally a basilica, it became a mosque, then a museum, and is now a mosque once again.

The architecture is breathtaking, and the frescoes on the interior walls will transport you back in time.

A word of warning: plan to get there early if you want to avoid the queue at the entrance, because even though it’s now open all the time, there are still busy times.

To marvelat the palace

The tour continues with the Topkapi Palace. It stands on a large esplanade overlooking the Sea of Maramara and the Bosphorus.

If you wish to visit the palace in its entirety, we advise you to reserve a whole day. You’ll need to buy a ticket for each building – the palace, the harem and the treasure room. From the esplanade you can enjoy a lovely view of the city.


We then arrive at one of our favorite monuments at StyQR: the Blue Mosque. It’s breathtaking both inside and out.
You can discover all the blue mosaics that give it its name. Visits are permitted outside prayer times, and here too admission is free.

A monumentemblematic

The last of the city’s emblematic monuments is the Mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent. It’s a masterpiece.
Situated on a hill, it overlooks the city in all its grandeur. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Golden Horn and the Galata Tower.

Going for a walkin the market

Let’s head for Istanbul’s lively districts and the famous Grand Bazaar. It’s Ali Baba’s cave in the truest sense of the word!
As the largest covered market in the Orient, it’s possible to find everything you need and more! Don’t hesitate to compare and negotiate prices, as many sellers will offer you the same items.

You can also visit the full-size spice bazaar next to the Galata Tower.

Here you’ll find a bit more food (and spices) than at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, so take the opportunity to do some tasting 😉.

Visit the neighborhoodsmodern

Last but not least, Istanbul also has a whole European section, completely opposite the historic center. To discover this part of the city, you’ll have to go to the Taksim district. This is where you’ll typically find your Western bearings.

Familiar clothing stores, men in suits emerging from their office buildings, chic restaurants and cafés. After visiting a preserved Istanbul, it may seem surprising to find oneself in the midst of such modern fervor. And that’s part of the charm of this European capital.

Discover the neighborhoodsAsian

And don’t forget that Istanbul has a whole Asian side on the other side. It’s the only one that can boast of spanning two continents, Europe and Asia.

Cool tidbit: this district is much less touristy, yet just as interesting as its Western sidekick. Take the opportunity to discover the Beylerbeyi Palace or take a stroll to the Leandre Tower.

Our tour of Istanbul ends with these words. The city’s originality and atmosphere won us over. We hope this article has piqued your curiosity 🙂

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