Welcome to Dubaithe city of gold

A particularly wealthy city, Dubai has become a magnet for tourists in recent years. It’s not full of historic monuments or history, as it’s a relatively young town, but it knows how to make its mark. The contrast between Europe, France and Dubai is striking.

We discovered a clean, very safe city with a young population of all origins. There’s that American feeling of anything is possible.


Let’s start with its historical dimension. Although we can’t compare Dubai to our European cities, you’ll still find vestiges of the past. Deira and Bur Dubai are Dubai’s oldest and most traditional neighborhoods .

A particularly interesting place to visit is the Dubai Museum. It retraces life before the discovery of oil, and you’ll see that it was very different.

The souksand mosques

Take the opportunity to discover its various souks, and in particular its gold souk. It’s out of the ordinary and different from the image one might have of oriental souks.

Discover the whole of old Dubai. If you have to select just one monument to see in this part of the city, then choose the Imam Hussein Mosque without hesitation. Less well known than the Jumeirah Mosque, but just as beautiful.


Let’s move on to modern-day Dubai. Its most famous building: the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. A good way of gauging Dubai’s immoderation.
You can climb to the 148th floor to admire the view.

Right at its feet you’ll find the Dubai Fountain. Don’t miss the water show from 6pm. It’s gorgeous and changes every 30 minutes.


Dubai is also known for its shopping malls, including the Dubai mall, the largest in the world. It even houses a ski slope and a gigantic aquarium. It’s a must-see at least once, but perhaps not in its entirety, as it would take you hours!

Unless you’re a shopping fan 😉

Going for a walkoutdoor

Two relatively nice places to visit: the Miracle Garden. A little out of town, this huge botanical garden boasts over 40 million flowers. Discover arches and floral motifs. Lovely place for a stroll.

And Global Village, a large area just outside the city, with restaurants from all over the world, as well as cultural attractions and entertainment stands.

The Palmthe artificial island

You can’t come to Dubai without discovering The Palm. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s this huge artificial island in the shape of a palm tree. It’s home to numerous luxury hotels and chic restaurants.

It’s a great place to take a stroll after dark, as it faces Atlantis, which is all lit up. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset.


Finally, we’d like to mention two places that can’t be ignored. The visit to the desert, of course. You can get there by 4×4 or buggy. It’s up to you. You can also opt for an overnight stay in the desert at extra cost. A word of advice: if you can make this excursion for sunset, we’d be delighted. The panorama is breathtaking.

And last but not least, its beaches. Almost all of Dubai’s beaches are fee-paying. You’ll even find women-only beaches. Don’t miss a swim at JBR Beach and discover the Marina district, which is entirely pedestrianised.

As you may have gathered, it’s no longer just the United States that loves and nurtures excess: Dubai is definitely an unrivalled competitor. So, while you may not come to Dubai for the same reasons as Athens, for example, you’ll still leave with plenty of memories.

Don’t hesitate to go and discover it, and make up your own mind about the United Arab Emirates’ megalopolis. And above all, fill in your booklet! 😊

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