Welcome to Barcelonathe city of Gaudí

Barcelona is a young, student and particularly lively city. It combines all the things you love most (normally).

A lifestyle to make many swoon, sunshine all year round and food to die for. If so far you agree with us, then we’ll keep going 😉.

Visitthe pretty districts

It is truly a city of many faces, each neighborhood has a story to tell and discover.

The neighborhoods of El Born and Montjuic are less touristy, but they too are full of places not to be missed.


Its monuments are all more surprising than the others. The Sagrada Familia is an original piece of architecture and history, the unfinished work of its architect.

Then, the very famous Guell Park. There again, amazing architecture and colors with a view on the heights of the city, it is atypical and original. It is out of the classical monuments and we love it.

You will also have the possibility of discovering the numerous facades drawn by Gaudi. The houses are generally visitable but foresee a rather important waiting time.

A very nice point of view also if you want to admire the city from above: El Bunker del Carmel.

The oldcity

Strolling in the old town, strolling in its small streets, is also the discovery of a city. And it must be said that the old town of Barcelona is very pretty!

Do not hesitate to make a small detour by the plaça Reial to discover its pretty palm trees.

Walkingon the Ramblas

Here we no longer speak of a small street but rather 1.2 km long. Las Ramblas, the most famous avenue in Barcelona.

It is famous for its small shops, its flower stalls and its tourist craze. One can say that it is the heart of the city.

Good addressesto eat and drink

What if we talk about food and gastronomy? As good French people we boast about our gastronomy, and we are right. But being a good player we have to admit that Spanish food is something.

Some good addresses just for you: Tapas Season and La Tasqueta de Blai. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you thought of them!

Finally, don’t forget to visit the Boqueria market. It is rich in colors and flavors!

The Catalan capital is a jewel of culture and wealth. You’re bound to find something that appeals to you.

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