Our advices

for your accomodation

Our advices

for your accomodation

Hoteliers: what if you made partnerships ?

Find out how to improve your hotel's decoration by making partnerships !

Teletravel: the trend for 2021

It is THE new mode of tourism this year. Have you ever tried teleworking away from home ?

Pareto’s Law: its application to rentals

Are you looking for a method that will allow you to focus your efforts in the right place? With Pareto's law you will know everything!

How to furnish your home without breaking the bank?

Want to furnish your rental with taste but on a small budget? It's easy! Follow our tips!

Boost your rental bookings: some tips

Looking for ideas for an ad that stands out? Follow our advice!

Useful numbers: in case of a problem

A list of useful numbers is often needed in your rental. Think of the safety of your travelers and their peace of mind by providing them…

Digicode: the key to entering your home

You want an autonomous and secure entrance for your rental ? Try our digicode module.

Furniture: your choice should not be a matter of chance

Having trouble defining a style for your hotel furniture? Think it's secondary anyway? Find out in this article how to combine your hotel…

Negative comment: what to do?

Have you received a negative comment about your rental? Don't panic, follow these simple steps and everything will be fine.

What is proximity tourism?

New trend of 2020, proximity tourism is developing, but what is it exactly?