Renters - Getting ready for the new school year

The summer holidays are coming to an end. And with it, the high season. But back to school doesn’t have to mean the end of business for you. Find out how to stay on top of your bookings in September.

1. When to get ready?

As soon as you can! We know that in the summer you are busy and therefore you probably don’t have time to look into it. So plan ahead!

Write a slightly different text depending on the season, prepare photos that will speak to your customers. You won’t have the same type of customers as in the middle of summer, so you’ll have to adapt to attract them.

Also think about the price of the stay, which should be significantly cheaper than in summer. This is one way to attract more people. However, be careful not to sell off your services.

2. What type of clients should I target in the new school year?

Officially the school year will start on September 2nd. So in principle no customers with children, or very young children.

You should mainly have clients who can go outside the school holidays, and if they do, it’s generally for two reasons: they want to avoid the crowd and pay less. They are looking for peace and quiet while still enjoying good weather conditions.

You may also get clients who come to work. The lucky ones who are able to continue teleworking will try to escape their routine to make a smooth start to the new year.

3. What should I consider?

Now that you have identified your customers, how do you get them to come to you?

We’ve just talked about :

  • Calmness: highlight the aspects of your accommodation that make them feel good in your home
  • Price: you have to lower your prices compared to those of the summer. Be careful to remain profitable.
  • Wifi: make sure you have a good wifi connection and highlight it in your ad
  • If you have a workspace, mention it

In general, say to yourself, what am I looking for when I go away on holiday? And write an advert that fits this.

So are you motivated and pumped up to face September? Tell us in the comments what tips you have for keeping a good booking rate in September!

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