5 mistakes to avoid when welcoming your travelers

It is common to be unsure of the most appropriate way to welcome your travelers to your home. In trying to do the right thing, you end up acting awkwardly. Don’t panic, StyQR gives you in these few lines the 5 mistakes to avoid for a successful welcome!

1. Being too quick

It is clear that repeating the same speech over and over again upon the arrival of each new traveler can be cumbersome and redundant. You get tired of repeating the same questions, introductions, and explanations. As a result, you unpack your tirade at once and you unconsciously go too fast. Beware, your guests could take this as a lack of courtesy. Indeed, an awkward welcome could make your travelers feel uncomfortable. Take a deep breath, put on your best smile and take the time to answer all questions. In addition, the creation fo your digital welcome booklet will allow you to transmit easily and quickly all useful information.

2. Making your guests late

Don’t keep your guests for long. They are there above all to rest and to meet each other. Don’t forget that they have just made a long journey. Release them as soon as possible because they will never dare to tell you themselves.

3. Impose your presence throughout the stay

Your tenants should be able to reach you if they need to. But the rest of the time, be discreet. Let them enjoy their moments of relaxation in solitude. Don’t be too invasive and intrusive in their stay, under the pretext that they are staying in one of the rooms of your house. Not everyone is looking for company! Some people choose an Airbnb rental to save money on the price of their stay, not to socialize with the owner.

4. Cleanliness of the premises that leaves something to be desired

What good is a beautiful decoration if it is made in an unsanitary and unclean place? Not much, or a predictable disappointment! Avoid putting your travelers in an unpleasant environment. Clean the rooms used by travelers, the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Check floors for hair, stains, dust and mildew. Between stays, check that everything is in good condition: change the sheets and towels available to travelers. Clear out the trash, food and items left behind by previous travelers.

5. Reserve a bad surprise

Imagine travelers having traveled a long distance to get to you. Once there, you tell them that some items are not included in the price they paid, that you have no more sheets or that Gipsy your dog will be present in your accommodation when it was not specified. This is completely inconceivable! Plan everything in advance and anticipate this kind of situation. In the event of an unforeseen event, keep calm, be courteous and precise. Play down the problem and propose solutions.