Our advice for a successful ad

The ad :

a rental essential

To rent your home, on Airbnb  or on other rental platforms, it is of course necessary to create an ad. Thanks to a description and photos, it has for interest to present your property and to allow your potential tenant to project himself. A transparent and complete ad will inspire your customers. You will have more chances to rent your property.

Your ad is crucial to target your travelers and make you stand out from the competition. So how do you create a successful ad? We reveal you our best advices!


to illustrate

The first look is the most important. For Airbnb, it is mandatory to add at least one photo. However, we advise you to add more than that, at the risk of not attracting any customers. Your photos will interest the travelers; and encourage them to continue reading towards the description.

If you are a photographer, you can take your own pictures from your phone with a wide angle lens that will give you a 160° field of view (for example, the brand Pixter). Do not neglect your rooms (bathrooms, living rooms…) and gardens, highlight their particularities.

In case you are not inspired, Airbnb offers you a service of professional photographers. Practical, the price of this service will be deducted from the income of your future rentals. Whatever your method, remember to clean and tidy up the place before taking your pictures at the risk of making a “monumental flop”.

A precise


Your home has its own particularities, it will interest specific customer profiles. Who are they? Our article “How to target and seduce your customers” will help you identify them.

Remember that the description completes the photos. It must be as complete as possible to guide the client on the characteristics of the property. Does the property have a coffee machine? A Jacuzzi? To answer these questions, remember to reference the appliances and equipment. Also note their restrictions, so you won’t be disappointed: for example, if you indicate the existence of a swimming pool, specify whether it is public or private.

Your ad should also contain a brief paragraph describing the location of the accommodation and the transportation available on site. This will help your clients organize their arrival, departure and stay (shops, parking space, nearest subway station, etc.).

A nice


Your profile on the different platforms (like Airbnb, GuestToGuestAbritel…)completes your ad, and aims to introduce you with a photo and a description.

Be sincere and human, inspire confidence with smiling pictures and a personal description. Don’t be professional, be accessible and welcoming.

Your profile is not intended to directly rent your property, but it (re)assures the client of your credibility. It is therefore strongly advised to certify your phone number, email address and identity card. Reviews also have a strong impact, think about asking your tenants if they are satisfied with their stay and respond to their reviews to gain visibility.

Renting your property requires a sometimes complicated organization, facing demanding customers. It is enough not to update or to badly present your advertisement to miss certain opportunities of hiring.

But don’t panic! There are now BnB concierge services to simplify the management of your vacation rental. In addition to taking care of your rental in all its major aspects (selection of the client, handing over of the keys, cleaning, linen…), the conciergeries propose you a service of creation of advertisement with professional photographs and help you to fix the best price for your rental. For more information, we have deciphered for you the functioning of two (super) conciergeries, for you to choose!

Increase your chances of renting your home!

Renting out your property can bring you interesting additional income, but it is not always easy to fill your booking calendar! The competition is tough, whether it is with other lodging possibilities (hotels, campgrounds…) or with other BnB accommodations. So, how can you stand out from the crowd and fill your booking calendar more easily? Here are our tips!

Take care of your ad

and your photos

The visual of your ad is your major asset. It is your first contact with the client and will allow you to arouse the interest of your potential tenants. We advise you to create a very complete ad: description, photos, reviews, personal profile… This will allow you to stand out from the competition. To create a successful ad, don’t hesitate to take the necessary time. How to do it? We have thought of everything. Our article “Our advices to make a good ad” will allow you to deepen and refine its realization in an expert way.

Keep you ad up to date

and availability dates

Once your property is online, it is necessary to keep your ad up to date. Remember that it is your first contact with travelers! Your ad must be accurate to avoid disappointment of your tenants: let’s imagine that you have changed the decoration or that the Jacuzzi is no longer available, your tenants will probably be unhappy! Updating the information and pohots in your ad will avoid the prejudice of a bad review. Remember also to do this for the dates of availability of your property, if possible well in advance. This will allow you to get organized, and your customers will be able to anticipate the planning of their trip. You will then be able to win new reservations!

Target your

potential travelers

Your property has its own particularities that will make it more suitable for certain categories of travelers. For example, a couple and a family do not have the same search criteria (surface, equipment, decoration…). Ask yourself the right questions when trying to define what type of tenant your property would suit. Because it is by targeting your clientele that you will enhance your rental. You will then gain in reservations! To help you to define your target and to seduce this one go on our article “How to target and attract your customers?”.

Adapt your prices to

the season

Would you pay as much for a beach house in winter as you would in summer? Probably not! The same goes for your tenants. There are high, medium and low seasons, often modulated by school holidays. As an owner, you must take into account the influx of tourists and the attractiveness of the seasons to define the price of your rental. To do this, consider looking at the prices posted by your competitors. Other factors such as the main activities in your city, the location of the property, the size of the house and its particularities are to be taken into account.


your reception

By following these tips, you will undoubtedly succeed in filling your booking calendar. But don’t forget that your travelers’ satisfaction is the key to your success! Because a satisfied customer is a customer who will recommend you and who will be likely to come back.

To welcome your travelers in the best conditions, StyQR allows you to create in a few clicks the digital welcome booklet of your accommodation, to transmit to your tenants all the important information: wifi, practical information of the accommodation, good addresses in the vicinity, … To access it, your tenants will scan a QR code placed in a frame, that fits perfectly with your decoration. Don’t hesitate any longer, create your free welcome booklet!

Create your booklet

Photos of your home: the basics

Taking nice pictures of your home is essential to get more views and bookings. We know that it’s not always easy to highlight certain rooms but we are here to help you. We will give you all our advices to realize photos that will bring you more visibility!

1. How to take your pictures ?

The basis of a nice picture is the light and the camera. So, try as much as possible to take your pictures with a camera. If you don’t have one, the smartphone option is also possible, provided that the quality is adequate.

For the format, prefer a landscape format, which gives a feeling of space and allows to show more things.

Finally, take pictures of your home during the day if it is bright and add some pictures in the evening if it is interesting (view on a lake, starry sky…). Put forward as much as possible what you prefer in your home.

2. What to take a picture of?

Everything! Well, almost. The first thing is to show all the rooms in your home. The client should have a global vision of what they are going to book.

Then, if you have a favorite place or a few details that are important to you, go ahead! But be careful, 3 pictures of an accommodation for 5 pictures of beach, forest or activities around are useless. Here is a good example.

Be careful not to appear on the pictures (beware of the mirror, the reflections…).

Note also that it is interesting to take pictures of your home in all seasons. Especially if the environment changes a lot.

3. How to touch them up?

If your photos look a little dull or you left the mop lying around during your photo shoot, don’t panic! Here are some free applications that will help you a lot:

Touching up your photos will take a little time but remember, beautiful photos will attract more people and therefore more bookings!

4. How to make your home more attractive?

What are we looking for? Life! We’re looking to project ourselves. To imagine yourself on your sofa or sleeping on your bed that looks so comfortable. Don’t hesitate to add a few touches of color and life: books, bouquets, fruit basket… All these details will help the traveler to imagine himself at home. However, be careful not to add too many things, especially if you don’t leave them in the accommodation. Your host might feel cheated.

That’s it, you are now a photo pro for your home! Congratulations! Don’t hesitate to share with us what helped you the most!