Animal hair: the equipment to get rid of it

Do you allow pets in your rental property but can’t bear to spend hours cleaning up pet hair? Here are some useful accessories!

1. For furniture

There’s nothing worse than pet hair on a sofa! They get stuck in and are impossible to remove!

Here’s what we use to get rid of it:

  • Razors
  • The hair brush (also great for clothes)
  • A roll of duct tape (an old tried and tested technique)

For hair on furniture, it’s easy, just use a swiffer or a microfiber cloth.

2. For floors and clothes

Let’s tackle the floors now, first of all, to clean the surface we have two options: the hair brush or the special pet hair hoover.

Also remember that animals walk on your floor and lick their paws, so it’s best to be careful and use a product specially designed for them (here is an example).

As for clothes, plaids, sheets, you can wash them using hair catchers like these.

Do you have any special techniques for removing pet hair? And if you want our opinion on pet-friendly rentals, here it is!

Allowing pets in your Bnb rental... A good idea?

A new market :

The Pet-Friendly

Pets are loved and cherished… outside the home! Welcoming them in your rented accommodation can be very worrying. Indeed, a pet is sometimes a source of unforeseen events and constraints (breakage, cleaning costs, suitable place …). However, it is a booming market. To accept in your housing Airbnb pets would therefore allow you to increase your bookings! How to attract this new “Pet-Friendly” clientele and ensure the best possible rental experience? Here are our tips on this subject.

Hard to find a rental

B&B who is accepting the pets...

Much to the dismay of pet owners, there are very few BnB accommodations that are allowed to our 4-legged friends. For example, more than 75% of Airbnb accommodations in France are not open to pets. And yet, they are numerous in our homes since there are 7 million dogs and 13 million cats in France. These considerable numbers are constantly increasing. And already more than 40% of pet owners go on vacation with their pets. Interesting, isn’t it?

But faced with the difficulty of finding accommodation that accepts animals, many owners resign themselves to entrusting their animals to a dog-sitter or leaving them in a boarding house. So, how to take advantage of this interesting market?

Our tips before agreeing

for the pets in your house

Allowing pets in your home can bring in new bookings and boost your rental income. But how do you go about framing and avoiding incidents with your new furry tenants?

Start by writing a complete ad (you can use our article “Our tips for a great ad“). Indicate in your ad whether or not you accept pets. You can also choose to add an additional cleaning fee for pet-friendly rentals. You can also choose to add an additional cleaning fee for pet-friendly rentals. To do this, you’ll need to specify it in your listing description, then use the Resolution Center to bill your guests (for more information, read this article).

Since the goal is to attract Pet-Friendly people, we also advise you to describe the characteristics of your home. What makes it suitable for pets (fenced garden, walking areas nearby…)? In case you are still reluctant to face possible damages, you should know that most platforms offer host insurance. For example for Airbnb, cette assurance covers up to 800 000€ for physical or material damages.

Inspire me !

The welcome booklet :

un indispensable

Allowing pets in your rental can be scary. But with the right guidance, this practice can help you maximize your rental income.

With StyQR, the digital welcome booklet, you can remind your guests of the rules to respect in your accommodation, especially concerning animals. In our “At home” module, you can specify the elements of your choice, for example “no dogs allowed on the sofa! Your welcome booklet will also allow you to communicate to your travelers all the useful information (wifi code, digicode, useful numbers, good addresses nearby…). To access the welcome booklet, your tenants will just have to scan a QR Code placed in a photo frame, and that’s it!

Create your booklet