Animal hair: the equipment to get rid of it

Do you allow pets in your rental property but can’t bear to spend hours cleaning up pet hair? Here are some useful accessories!

1. For furniture

There’s nothing worse than pet hair on a sofa! They get stuck in and are impossible to remove!

Here’s what we use to get rid of it:

  • Razors
  • The hair brush (also great for clothes)
  • A roll of duct tape (an old tried and tested technique)

For hair on furniture, it’s easy, just use a swiffer or a microfiber cloth.

2. For floors and clothes

Let’s tackle the floors now, first of all, to clean the surface we have two options: the hair brush or the special pet hair hoover.

Also remember that animals walk on your floor and lick their paws, so it’s best to be careful and use a product specially designed for them (here is an example).

As for clothes, plaids, sheets, you can wash them using hair catchers like these.

Do you have any special techniques for removing pet hair? And if you want our opinion on pet-friendly rentals, here it is!