Luko and Airbnb: the new partnership that hits the spot!

This is the news of the month! Luko and Airbnb are partnering to offer anyone who puts their home on Airbnb up to 1 year of insurance (150 euros). Want to know more about it?

  1. Comment en bénéficier ?

To benefit from it, you must meet a few criteria:

1/ Be insured with Luko 

2/ Be an Airbnb host for the first time, i.e. never have created a listing on the site.

3/ Host at least one traveler before August 31, 2021.

4/ Finally, the amount of the reservation (including Airbnb service fees) must be at least 100 euros.

2. What are the conditions of Luko and Airbnb?

To benefit from this offer, here are the conditions stated by Airbnb:

First of all: the amount of 150 euros is paid by Airbnb
This 150 euros corresponds to an average of one year of home insurance taken out with Luko
This amount will be deducted from the monthly payments of Luko policyholders renting out their home on Airbnb in France for the first time.
Finally: the offer is limited to one property per person and is valid for listings created from the personalized link received by email.

What do you think? Are you eligible for this offer? If not, but you’re looking for a way to save some money, the chèque France Num might be of interest to you!