What is Atout France?

We told you recently that the allocation of stars has changed. But do you know who manages these allocations ? Atout France will soon have no secrets for you.

1. Who is Atout France?

Atout France is THE reference in the classification of tourist accommodation. Created in 2009, it is an economic interest grouping, an operator of the French State for tourism.

What are its main missions ?

  • To promote France and its destinations internationally
  • To promote global brands as a point of entry to the territories
  • To support the development of territories
  • To contribute to the quality and renewal of the offer through classifications, labels and registrations

2. More about the ranking

Atout France therefore defines a classification of collective tourist accommodation : hotels, campsites, leisure residential parks, tourist residences and holiday villages.

This system is based on 4 main pillars :

  • A range of classification from 1 to 5 stars
  • A classification awarded for 5 years
  • Qualitative criteria
  • Evolving criteria

Did you know that this classification is done at the request of the establishments ? It is a voluntary process !

Atout France is therefore a body linked to the State to promote French heritage. Do you think this is important ?

If you like numbers, you will definitely be interested in this article !

Useful numbers: in case of a problem

We do not wish it to you, but there can always be a problem during a rental. A water leak, a power cut, a health problem… If you don’t know the right numbers to call, things can quickly get out of hand. Of course, there is always the internet to help us but it will be much faster with our module. You’ll have put in numbers you can trust and that’s invaluable.

1. The useful numbers module

With this module, you can list all important numbers: plumber, garage, hospital, doctor… To make life easier for your guests and to ensure their safety.

They will always have these numbers at hand and will be able to deal with all possible situations.

2. Why you need it ? 

Attaching the numbers on the fridge is good, but having them with you, all the time, is more secure. Indeed, the sheet can slip, get damaged, get lost and above all, you don’t always take it with you.

So imagine the scene, your guests are walking around and one of them gets seriously injured, who to call but you? Give them all the means possible to go to the hospital quickly. Another example, your guests don’t speak your language, give them the possibility to call people who know their own language and can help them. Kim, had shared with us her really bad experience in this conditions.

With our welcome booklet, your guests will have all the numbers with them at all times. One less worry for you and one more security for them.

Boost your rental bookings: some tips

As you know, we are here to help you. That’s why we’ve done some research to find you the best tips to boost your housing reservation requests.

1. Offer an equipped home

The most important thing when you arrive in an accommodation is to feel at home. To propose an equipped accommodation is an important notion for many vacationers.

The most important thing? A good wifi connection, especially nowadays with work at home. Next comes a workspace. A separate room or a place you set up yourself for the occasion.

Another good point? A functional and useful kitchen: oven, microwave, fridge, kitchenware, dishes. Specifying it in your rental will attract potential customers.

2. Flexible cancellation and booking conditions

A good way to boost your bookings is also to offer a flexible booking.

With the new sanitary measures, a stand-alone entrance is popular. The plus in your favor? Offer instant booking, your guests will book on a whim and you will not be in competition with other renters who could respond before you to their request. Play the card of instantaneousness.

Concerning the cancellation, it’s up to you but too complex conditions or a non-guaranteed refund can be an obstacle to the reservation.

3. Boost your rental by accepting pets

Did you know.  Searches on “pets allowed” increased by 65% in January 2021 (compared to the same period the year before).

So by highlighting that you  acceptez  If you want to accept pets in your accommodation, you will gain visibility and reservations.

If you are a little reluctant to accept animals, you can already limit the list: dogs and cats represent about 80% of pets. This is more than enough.

If you are worried about the hair, you can ask for an extra cleaning fee and specify in which part of the house you do not want the animals to go.

With these tips, you should see your booking requests climb. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback or tips that have proven successful!

Negative comment: what to do?

The dread of every renter: receiving an unjustified negative comment. After all the trouble you went through to welcome your guests and offer them a nice stay, it is always hurtful. In addition, apart from the personal attack, it lowers your overall rating and scares off future customers. We give you here the keys to respond and react to a negative comment.

1. Make contact with the person

First rule: do not delete the comment. This is a common mistake but it should be avoided.

First, try to understand what happened. Contact the person who left the comment and try to find a common ground.

You usually have their contact information: email, text, call, you can try everything. Be courteous and really try to listen and apologize. Discussion is often the key.

2. Reply to negative comment

Then, even if the person does not respond to your requests, answer the comment.

Explain the reasons for the comment if the rental also went badly, or on the contrary, show surprise if you think the comment is not justified.

Responding to negative comments is very important because it shows that you are listening to your customers.

3. Contact the platform

If your requests to get in touch do not yield anything, and the comment you left remains unanswered, you can contact the platform.

In this case, look for the customer service number and explain the situation in detail. Some platforms like Airbnb have pages dedicated to solving this type of problem. They put the renter and the host in direct contact.

4. Call on your other hosts

You have tried everything: contact, the platform, the comment… and the negative comment is still active, don’t panic.

Future customers will see that you have responded by saying that you do not understand and that “despite numerous reminders your host does not give any sign of life”. This can reassure them that it is an isolated comment.

But to be on the safe side, you can always contact your former hosts. Those for whom you remember that everything went well and who did not leave any comments. Explain the situation to them and see if they are willing to help you raise your rating by adding a good one.

5. Work on it beforehand

Often, a negative comment is due to a misunderstanding or an unresolved bad experience.

So, to prevent this type of comment, you can contact your guests during their stay. Without being intrusive, don’t hesitate to ask them if the stay is going well, if they need help or even better, if they were able to try the restaurant you mentioned, etc… It’s a nice way to get in touch and show that you are there for them.

And you, have you ever had this type of problem? How did you solve it?

Superhosts: their advice for a worry-free rental

That’s it, you have your reservations for the month. But how to make your guests come back? How to get good feedback from them after booking. We give you the tips of the superhosts to make it possible!

1. Keep your personal touch

For us, it’s crucial to offer a warm experience while preserving personal touches like family photos because it’s this authenticity that many travelers are looking for.” Ludovic and Maxime, Paris, Île-de-France.

It is important that travelers feel at home in a pleasant atmosphere. For this, don’t hesitate to leave what makes your accommodation “alive”. Guests will come back for the little details.


2. Trust

“We are flexible with our travelers and go out of our way to make sure they have a memorable experience and they return the favor! Recently a couple gave me a plant that I found in the accommodation when I was cleaning, this little gesture touched me. It’s important to establish a relationship of trust, people are respectful when they feel respected.”

This relationship of trust will benefit you for several reasons: you will be serene during the rental and so will your guests, you will be able to count on them to rate you positively and you will have one more chance that they will come back! Who knows, thanks to them you may even become superhosts !

3. Cultivating a sense of service

“I always try to make myself available to travelers without being intrusive. I like to know that they feel at home, while guaranteeing them a total change of scenery thanks to the atypical setting of the barge. I always listen to the travelers and make sure there is mutual respect.” Boris, Rezé, Pays de la Loire.

Being attentive to your guests, present without being intrusive, these are the keys to guests who come back or talk about you.

Small attentions are the key to a successful stay.

And you, what do you do to delight your guests?

Simplified check in and check out: our new module

Performing a check in and check out is an important step in your rental. It protects both the renter and the landlord. The only drawback is that you usually have to be there or ask someone you trust to be there. Not always easy. That’s why we will add this module to our welcome booklet for mid May 2021!

1. How will the module work?

It’s really simple! Each module of our welcome booklet is designed to make your life easier.

Thus, you will just have to take pictures of all the rooms you want before the arrival of your guests. You will have a maximum of 5 photos per category (rooms).

It’s up to you to choose the photos you want to take! But we advise you to take pictures of all the fragile objects and/or those you particularly care about. This will be the first step, the realization of the photos.

Then, at the time of his departure, your host will only have to complete his part with the same photos in order to prove that he or she returns the rental in perfect condition. It will be an instant photo so no cheating, you will receive the photo of your accommodation at the moment. He or she will have to validate each category one by one and authenticate by sms. You will then receive a summary and a comparison with your photos.

What about damage? Let’s say that the coffee machine doesn’t work anymore (it can happen), your host will be able to indicate it in a separate part that you, renters, will find in your personal space. Easy, isn’t it?

2. Why you need the check in/check out module

First of all, for safety. To protect you from damages that could be caused or thefts (unfortunately it happens).

Secondly, for the convenience and autonomy. No more need to move to check on the spot. And for the tenant, no need to stress about not being ready on time for your visit. You will also show them that you trust them by not going to check it out yourself.

Finally, for health reasons! With the current crisis, it is important to find digital solutions to avoid contacts. What better way to do this than to send photos?

With the check in/check out module, the life of both parties will be more serene and fluid!

What about possible disputes: it will be up to the renter to put in his T&Cs a mention indicating that the check in and check out are done thanks to our module. We will opt for a validation of the check out by sms, it is the proof that it is indeed the host who realized it. Styqr will not be held responsible for any dispute.

Are you convinced? This module will make your life easier and will be a very good complement to the other modules of our welcome booklet. Do not hesitate to  contact our team if you need more information!

Chèque France Num : a precious help from the state!

The France Num voucher will open the doors to digitization and help you digitize your accommodation. Don’t waste any time and find out quickly if you are eligible!

  1. Chèque France Num what is it ? 

Let’s start with its definition: the France Num voucher is a lump-sum voucher of 500 euros to cover all or part of the expenses for digitization incurred by certain companies with less than eleven employees that have administratively closed during the November 2020 lockdown or that are hotels.

It is therefore a welcome aid at this time! Indeed, thanks to it you will be able to make some improvements for your rental and go digital more easily. For example, you can get a StyQR booklet with this help!

1. Who is eligible?

A few conditions are required to be eligible:

1/ To be a company that is administratively closed during the second containment

2/ To be a hotel or restaurant professional

3/ Finally, to have less than 11 employees and an annual turnover of less than 2 million euros excluding tax

2. What types of expenses are taken into account?

There are two types of eligible expenses:

First, the purchase of or subscription to digital solutions from a digital services company established in France or in a member state of the European Union. It is not necessary for this company to be listed on this teleservice. The expense can include a part of accompaniment, the solution must fall under one of the themes below:

Sales, promotion – E-commerce or promotional site; content; online payment; marketplace; internet visibility
Management – Reservation solution, appointment scheduling; inventory management, orders, deliveries
Management – Hosting, data storage, domain name management, cybersecurity tools; Cash register software
Customer relations – Bulk email management tool, newsletter management; Customer management
Or, the accompaniment to digitalization (diagnosis to start its digital transformation) by a private consultant referenced on this teleservice.

Check if your support provider is referenced.

4. What are the supporting documents?

Promised, to benefit from it, you won’t need many supporting documents: first of all, you need an identity document, and one or more billing dated between October 30, 2020 and June 30, 2021 for a minimum total amount of 450 euros including tax.

So, you still have time to make your digital transition!

5. How to benefit from it?

Thus, if you meet all the necessary conditions, you can send your application ici. Be careful, however, there are dates that must be respected depending on the date of your billings. So, be sure to check them before submitting your application.

The payment of this aid will begin on February 26, 2021.

Please note: only one application per SIREN is accepted for eligible companies, so the application must be made in one go.

And you, did you know the existence of this check? Did you benefit from it?

Discover our Facebook group to help you

Because we want to help you, we have created a groupe Facebook open to all renters of vacation rentals. We give you many tips based on current events and are open to all topics of discussion. We show you!

1. What are we talking about in the group?

This group is intended to create a community of mutual aid for owners of vacation rentals (via Airbnb, HomeExchange, Booking, Abritel…).

We cover all the topics that can help you. You can ask any question you want. So, whether it’s from us or from the community, you’ll get an answer quickly.

Only a few posts are not allowed:
– Sharing rental ads
– Advertisements
– Contests
– Spam / Scams

2. Who can join the Facebook group?

Everybody! We just ask a few questions when you sign up to make sure that this group is of interest to you. Especially about the sites you use for your rental. Finally, your registration is not automatic, we have to validate it.

If you see that you are still not accepted after a few days, do not panic! Our team is always on the lookout to be as present as possible on the group.

3. Why is it interesting for you to join?

Because everyone can answer you! So you will have all kinds of feedback and you will also be in direct contact with many rental companies.

Also because we update our tips every week to adapt them to the current situation.

So you’re interested? I promise the content is interesting, no spam, only good advice!

Superhosts: their tips for a great ad

The superhosts are the elite of Airbnb, they have hosted travelers at least 10 times, have at least 80% of reviews with 5 stars, and a response rate of at least 90%. So today we’re giving you some of their tips for a great listing.

1. Set the scene for your home

“We know that pictures of our home are eye-catching. Decor, pictures and green plants are especially appreciated. Don’t hesitate to inject creativity into your space, that’s what will set it apart from other homes.” Ludovic and Maxime, Paris, Île-de-France.

2. Take care of your ad

“The first photo of our ad is attractive, the terrace is sunny and overlooks a beautiful panorama, it is a real invitation to travel. We also chose a title that appeals: “A little love nest in the heart of the Auvergne” which suggests a cocooning experience. It is also important to have a clear ad, I put photos of the accommodation from every angle and clearly indicated the many facilities we offer, all reassuring elements for travelers! Finally I pay special attention to cleaning, a very important point at the moment.” Tina and her family, Le Broc, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

After the photos, the most important thing is the written content of your ad. Take the time to write it, to update it regularly. Specify the facilities available, the possible activities nearby… Everything that can enhance your home. To get inspired, don’t hesitate to look at the ads stamped “superhosts” on Airbnb.

3. Reflect your personality in your ad

“When I welcome travelers, they enter in a way my intimacy since it is my place of life. My home is pleasant to live in and most importantly, full of memories. My decoration is an unclassifiable and very personal style that appeals to and pleases travelers.” Eñaut, Chéraute, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

So, the decoration and the living environment is important in your photos. Tidy up well but not too much. Your guests should feel like relaxing on your sofa or drinking coffee on your beautiful terrace in a heartbeat.

And you, what is your little secret to boost your ad?