Top 5 online printers

You have chosen your beautiful poster for your accommodation and now the question is: where to print it?

Because you don’t necessarily want to use your home printer or you have a lot of questions about the quality of the print…

This top 5 online printers is here to help you! 😁
Plus to save you time, and yes we love that at StyQR 🔥, we have simulated a typical order on each of the sites and transcribed them for you in terms of sizes, prices and different types of paper. They’re all great and easy to use and we’ve saved our favourite for last 😉

Top 5 online printers

1. Online Printers

Let’s start with Online Printers, this site is clearly made for quick information finding! 😁
Just one click in the search bar and hop, the product page is displayed with the products illustrated and already sorted!
By the way, you will see the choice of your format will be a piece of cake.

Regarding the printing, you can choose the paper weight: 100g, 115g or 135g and the number of prints. Please note that there is a minimum of 10 prints to be able to order.

Online Printers offers 3 delivery times: 3 working days (no extra charge), 2 working days (€11.16 charge) or express printing, where you will receive your order on the same day as your order, but this involves a €25.76 charge. It’s up to you! 😁

As you know, our posters are available in A3, A4 or A5.
So quick info, Online Printers allows you to choose an A3 or A4 format but does not offer our latest one, the A5 format. However, you can order your poster in A5 format in the “flyers” category. The quality is different, but it will look good under a frame. Please avoid the glossy effect, as it will be more difficult to scan a QR code.

Order simulation

Here, we have taken 100g/m2 of coated paper with a glossy quality, without folding, taking the data verification and a basic production time (3.4 working days), so as not to add extra costs.

  • A3: for 10 prints (minimum quantity for A3) = €43.09
  • A4: for 10 prints (minimum quantity for A4) = €49.90

And for the A5 format, we have selected 135g coated paper with a production time of 3 working days:

  • A5: for 25 prints = €31.50

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2. Vistaprint

You probably know one of her commercials like the one at the water’s edge, where the burger bar gets attacked by fish 😅 and we see at the end that the young entrepreneur uses Vistaprint to print her new materials in the sushi bar concept.

Well, you can print your beautiful posters there too! If you are new to online printing you can have peace of mind with Vistaprint 😉
You are accompanied from the download of your poster to the validation of the basket, step by step. In addition, they check with you if the document has been validated by a graphic designer.
So yes, they only make A3 posters but you know the trick, go to “flyers” and you can print your posters in A4 or A5 format!

Note that you will have a minimum of 25 quantities but don’t panic, you can always give some to your travellers if the family is large 😉
And if you want to order a larger quantity, just click on “here”, you will be taken to a quote request form.

Personally, we think it’s good value for money. Not only do they offer a wide choice of weights: economy 130g, standard 170g, superior 250-300g or premium 400g, but they also offer very attractive prices! Take a look at our order simulation, you’ll be happy 😉

Order simulation

We have tested for you an order for each format with an economical weight and a standard paper type, take a look at their nice price!

  • A3: 1 print = 5,84€ (€)
  • A5: 25 prints = €16.79
  • A4: 25 prints = €31.45

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3. Veoprint

Let’s move on to Veoprint.

This is THE 100% professional website!

When it comes to advice and information, Veoprint is the one that stands out!

If you are not sure about the weight and format of your poster, Veoprint has taken care to explain everything to you so that you can get the print you want and under what conditions you should choose a certain type of paper and a certain format.

Let’s talk about the purchasing process, the first thing we ask you is the type of format. Here you will only have A4 and A3 in the “poster” category, but there is nothing to stop you from selecting “flyer” printing, as at Vistaprint or Online Printers, to order an A5 format.

Yes, you will have a minimum of 100 prints but use them if the family is large or if you want to present them to future clients! 😄

Order simulation

On these simulations, we have ticked the recommended option “electronic proofing” at 9,90€ with the handling fee.

For 100 A4 prints (minimum quantity):

  • With economy delivery: 49,20€.
  • Fast delivery: €66
  • Or priority delivery: 102€.

On the A3 side, we looked at 5 prints (minimum quantity):

  • With economy delivery: 33,60€ or
  • Fast delivery: 34,80
  • Or priority delivery: Request a quote

Finally, for the A5 format in the flyers category, we simulated an order for 100 prints (minimum quantity):

  • With economy delivery: 31,20€ or
  • Fast delivery: 52,68€ or
  • Or priority delivery: 75,48€.

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4. Ooprint

The second to last on the list, Ooprint, works differently from the others. To order you have to create an account or log in, that’s its distinctive feature 😉
The cool thing is that you can choose a small quantity of prints at a good price!

So yes, in the “posters” category they only do A3 but you can print in A4 and A5 by choosing the “flyers” category.
Exactly like Online Printers, where you are advised to print your posters in this category when there are not all the sizes available in “posters” 😉

Clearly, their ordering system is super simple!
Step 1, choose the format.
Step 2, upload the poster and select the print quantity. Little info, if you want a specific quantity that is not in the list, click on “?” next to the number and you will get a phone number of a consultant.
Step 3, and to finish you just have to choose your weight!

Order simulation

So that you have all the information, we have made a test order for each format:

  • A3: 1 print = €7.20
  • A5: 25 prints = €23.88
  • A4: 25 prints = 34,68€.

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5. Copytop

We’ve finally arrived at our favourite! You might be wondering why this is our favourite site, well simply because it does everything in one! 🔥

It is ergonomic, and offers all print formats at very attractive prices. 🤩 Here, no need to type “posters” in the search bar, it already has its tab 😉

And what’s even nicer is that Copytop offers free click and collect, a verification of your files with a free test print! 🚀

To print your poster, you just have to select the quantity you want, note that if you want less than 5 quantities, you’ll just have to request a quote online (it’s fast don’t worry 😁 ) or call Copytop directly.

And finally, you can choose the type of paper and leave a comment if you need 😉

So what do you think? Is this your favourite too?

Order simulation

And here’s the proof that Copytop is top of the line when it comes to price 😉

  • A3: 5 prints = €7.97
  • A5: 5 prints = €6.71
  • A4: 5 prints = €4.60

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Un QR code, une affiche et ensuite ?

Now that you have your poster in your hands, you don’t really want to stick it on the wall with tape. 😂
So to make it more professional and especially to show off your poster, we help you find a great frame!

We’ve done a top 5 photo frame article online, all you have to do is pick one and order THE perfect frame for your poster! 🤩

And if you want to embellish your accommodation with our posters, take a look at our website My QR Code Poster and see which poster would fit well with the design of your living room or your entrance!
You’ll see, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for, we have lots of different styles: series, films, landscapes, cities…

So let the magic of StyQR posters show your travellers that QR codes are beautiful and effective! 🔥

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