Furniture: your choice should not be a matter of chance

Making your hotel even more attractive requires creative thinking to find the right furniture that will combine comfort, quality and aesthetics while adapting to the story telling of your hotel. Furniture is the best tool to improve the image of your hotel. Find in this article, some advices to choose it well.

The decoration, an element that confirms your identity

Defining the style of a hotel is the object of a long reflection preceded by the drawing of inspiration. Indeed, inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time, and in any circumstances. So don’t hesitate to check out the most fashionable establishments. Also, visit trade shows that focus on the latest furnishing trends. An easy way to spot trends is to look at Pinterest.

Every detail is important! You can consider matching your furniture to the major theme of your hotel: classic, traditional, romantic… Play with materials, shapes and colors to create your own atmosphere.

Your entrance sets the tone for everything that follows, so don’t neglect it. Set the tone of your interior directly with your exterior design choices.

Less is more: embrace the minimalist spirit

The minimalist style reached its peak in the 1960s. A trend in aesthetics and interior design that aims to reduce materials to a minimum. To bring this minimalist touch to your hotel, avoid flashy colors and opt for neutral tones such as gray, beige, white or midnight blue.

In addition, your real estate should be uncluttered and discreet. Minimalism is above all a style that blends objects with their surroundings. Avoid all heaviness and extravagance and leave room for discretion in your storage.

Concerning your materials, prefer raw materials such as glass or lacquered wood. However you can add more character by playing with textures.

Confort and biofeeling

Beyond aesthetics, your furniture must contain a form of comfort, ease of maintenance, and practicality… To be avoided: a too imposing furniture in restricted spaces; your decoration must not slow down your staff in its movement.

Think of arranging your café and restaurant in a cosy way, so that customers can relax and take time for themselves.

Biofeeling is a movement that believes that shapes and environments have a direct impact on emotions. So, to keep your guests calm and collected, design rooms with geometrically defined lines, soft chairs, and a warm atmosphere.

What about you? Where do you get your inspiration to furnish your home? Do you do it yourself or do you call a professional?

La Boutique des Proprios : the essentials for your rental !

The devil is in the details! We’re not teaching you anything, the Bnb rental market is very competitive. All hosts  Airbnb s goal is to stand out in order to attract potential customers, who are more and more demanding. But how to satisfy them and how to create a quality welcome? These are recurrent and yet essential questions. We recently discovered La Boutique des Proprios, a website that offers an innovative solution: the purchase of welcome kits! Dedicated to travelers, they will allow you to become an exceptional host… We explain everything.

The welcome kit

your seduction asset

Whoever has never forgotten their toothbrush when going on vacation, come forward! Because so many of us are absent-minded, these wonderful kits are the ultimate solution. Thus, La Boutique des Proprios offers 4 types of kits: for the reception, the children, the bathroom and the aperitif. These kits will surprise your travelers who will be delighted to have such a thoughtful host. Surprise guaranteed! It’s a worthwhile investment because you’ll get great reviews! Your guests will feel at home and will not miss anything.

La Boutique

des Proprios

It is easy for professionals (hotels, campings…) to get products and kits (hygiene, maintenance or gourmet). Unfortunately, it is more complicated for a simple host Airbnb. As a result La Boutique des Proprios provides you with welcome kits for your tenants (cleaning products, basic foodstuffs, welcome gifts, toiletries…) as well as the necessary for your rental:

  • Bed linen & towels
  • Bedding (mattresses, pillows, comforters, …)
  • Furniture (outside, inside, dishes, …)
  • Appliances (kitchen, maintenance, television, …)
  • Safety (smoke detector, first aid kit and defibrillator)
  • Childcare (prevention, diaper, bedding, …)

You will then be able to adapt your property to your customers by offering them adapted equipment. To know more about it, discover our article “how to target and seduce our customers”.

Our favorite


At StyQR, we were seduced by the Kit Apéritif ! Who has never dreamed of arriving in his rental, of settling in and being able to taste regional and organic products around a good bottle ? La Boutique des Proprios lhas done! Such attention can only make your tenants smile. It immediately creates a warm welcome: satisfaction guaranteed!

The best

for the end...

The kits of La boutique des Proprios

are therefore a guaranteed added value for your rental. You can offer them as an option in your ad or surprise your customers by offering them. So, are you tempted? We have a promo code for you: 10% discount with the code: LAUNCH DISCOVERY.

In addition to the welcome kit, you can perfect your welcome by creating your digital welcome booklet with StyQR ! It allows you to reference all the information of your accommodation (digicode, wifi, good tips in the vicinity, special lockers, …) to save time and simplify the life of your travelers.

Create your booklet

StyQR joins the Open Tourisme Lab!

L’Open Tourisme Lab is a startup gas pedal specialized in the Tourism sector. Its first class of 10 startups was recruited in 2018, for a 12-month acceleration. The second promotion has just been unveiled and guess what… StyQR is part of it! 🍾




Start-ups auditioned


Selected start-ups

A gas pedal,

for what purpose?

The goal of the accelerator program is to offer start-ups intensive support to help them develop their business!

L’Open Tourisme Lab offers tailor-made coaching by experts, preparation for fundraising, contacts with partners and investors as well as high visibility (media and trade shows).

Selected start-ups

The 14 start-ups selected for this second promotion alongside StyQR are:

Astragale Connect : free application and a turnkey solution to highlight heritage

Cirkwi : publisher of software solutions and distributor of tourist itinerary data.

Dahub : Specialist in the intelligent management of tourism data.

Discover France : travel agency, specializing in bicycle travel throughout France and Europe.

Edgar : e-concierge solution that enhances the customer experience by connecting guests to nearby activities.

Esus : Digital platform automating the process of creating custom quotes for professional group organizers.

Feel Object : Tactile and interactive map that allows visually impaired and blind people to move around independently.

Influbook : Platform that connects influencers, brands and consumers to empower social commerce, in the tourism sector.

K Prodz : Video production agency combining an innovative marketing strategy and content marketing with techniques from the film industry.

Quicktext : AI-based chatbot for hotels.

Spotyride : Community market place for professionals and board enthusiasts.

Valid & Go : Hotel booking platform offering exclusive services for professionals.

Waapi : application that offers an all-in-one concierge solution for tourist accommodations.

Memory Travel & Event : Activity provider specialized in the organization of bachelor parties and other events on request (birthdays, wedding requests…).

So stay tuned, because many new features are coming soon for StyQR ! 🚀

Thank you to the Open Tourisme Lab and the région Occitanie for this amazing opportunity of development 💪