The most beautiful swimming pools in Paris

With this nice weather and the heat coming quickly, we would like to take a dip in a nice cool pool ! And as we are in Paris for a few weeks, here is our selection of the 3 most beautiful pools to stroll in!

1. The Pontoise swimming pool

This swimming pool in the 5th arrondissement is known for its historical value. Indeed, its buildings (built in 1933) are classified as historical monuments. It was also made famous by Jacques Cousteau with his diving suit tests.

What do we like? The possibility of night baths and its large 33-metre pool.

It costs about 5 euros to enter.

2. The Butte aux Cailles swimming pool

Another swimming pool classified as a historical monument ! It is one of the most famous swimming pools in Paris with its Art Nouveau façade.

Why do we like it? For its spring water supply and its low price : 3 euros.

3. Josephine Baker Pool

Finally, Josephine Baker. Located in the 13th arrondissement, this floating pool has solariums and a 25-metre pool. Very popular with Parisians for its beautiful view of Paris and the Seine, its entrance fee is 3 euros.

4. The other emblematic swimming pools

Paris has many swimming pools, but if we had to add a few to our selection it would be :

  • The Keller swimming pool in the 15th arrondissement
  • Château Landon and Catherine Lagatu in the 10th arrondissement

Finally, we also love the Molitor swimming pool, but it’s quite a budget! And you, what are your favourite pools?

When you have foreign travellers, you can be sure that they will have all the information in their language !

For most of you, summer is a pivotal time. But how do you fill in your booking calendar ? It’s over here !

1. On the internet

This is where it all comes together! Think now about :

  • Update your prices
  • Update your photos
  • List all possible activities near you in summer

Also very important : highlight all your key assets. A swimming pool, a bright house, a view of the sea… The key word is to make travellers want to book with you and not elsewhere.

2. Summer at home

Let the sunshine in ! Don’t forget to do some spring cleaning (curtains, carpets, household appliances…) and add a few touches of colour !

Travellers come to have a good time, relax and enjoy the sun, so help them ! Why not provide them with a few things :

  • Sunscreen
  • Beach towels
  • Straw hats (which can also be used as decoration…)

And to take it a step further, don’t hesitate to provide them with :

  • Cold drinks
  • A nice fruit basket

And you, more summer or winter for your reservation ?

By the way, did you know that you don’t have to be there to open the door for your travellers ? This is one of the advantages of the key box. Find out more !

What is vegan tourism?

We know about sustainable and eco-responsible tourism, but recently it’s vegan tourism that is making the news! Far from being the work of a few people, it is a demand increasingly expressed by travellers!

1. What is vegan tourism?

As you can see, vegan tourism is related to sustainable tourism. The difference is mainly in the food, for example: Food Tours without tasting animal products, gastronomic meals offering only vegan dishes.

Let’s remember the definition of vegan: “a person who excludes all animal products from their diet and daily life”.

2. What is my interest in offering it?

In concrete terms, to offer a vegan experience, you don’t have to do much. All you have to do is pay attention to the materials used in your home and the products made available to your customers (forget about milk, honey, etc.).

You can set up a list of addresses to eat at or a small recipe from home revisited for them.

Keep in mind that this new proposal can bring you additional customers. And as the offer is not yet very large, by proposing this type of tourism, you are entering into the vegans’ (“vegan” and “traveller”) folders.

If you needed proof that it’s a good thing to start, here are a few sites created by vegans: Vegantravel, the Veggie Hotels network and Veganfoodtours, which offers 100% vegan tours of French cities from a different angle.

So, are you won over by vegan tourism? Why don’t you do the same, for example by proposing some good vegan restaurant addresses in your StyQR?

Stay In: the specialist in short and medium term furnished rentals

Do you dream of renting the flat of your dreams but are a bit lost, you don’t know where to look? Today we present Stay In, a specialist in short or medium term luxury furnished rentals. For the time being, the young start-up is mainly located in the South West of France, but it is now looking to expand internationally! Ready for the big trip?

1. Stay In what is it exactly?

Stay In is a French start-up specialising in short and medium term seasonal rental of luxury houses and flats. What’s its advantage? It offers owners the possibility to let their properties be managed for rent or sale. Based in Toulouse, it is present in 12 cities and has over 200 properties.

Stay In offers its services to help you find the rental of your dreams and also offers a concierge service to owners to sell or rent their property.

With them, no worries, a team is at your disposal 7 days a week and all rentals are fully furnished and secure. To find out more, you can take a look at their Instagram.

2. Who is behind this beautiful project?

Founded in 2009, Stay In has over 10 years of experience in the rental sector. Taken over in 2020 by its current manager, Ms. Dessaint Albane, it is now increasingly focusing on national and international markets.

Their vision in 3 years? “To become an international rental company in the medium and high end segments.

The young and dynamic team is constantly evolving and growing: in a short space of time, they have a development manager, a city manager, a graphic designer, a sales assistant and two apprentices, enough to do wonders!

3. What are the benefits of Stay In over the long term?

As we know, Covid has changed our habits. Among them, the habit of working only at home. With the repeated confinements, we needed to go to work, but elsewhere.

So Stay In offers a lot of long-term rentals. In particular, it offers a 100% personalised selection based on our needs and expectations (described in the form to be sent in on their site).

To make a long story short, here are the notable advantages:

  • No need for a guarantor (goodbye to the famous “your guarantor earns 4x the amount of the rent?”)
  • A monthly rent with a sliding scale of charges according to the duration of the stay
  • A furnished flat
  • An answer in less than 48 hours
  • A contract including: water, gas and electricity

You can also find premium services : transports, VIP…

As you can see, the team StyQR is won over by Stay In that we are now supporting! What about you? When are you booking?

StyQR Premium: why take the plunge ?

Now that you are an experienced StyQR Free user, why not upgrade to StyQR Premium ?

Discover here all the possibilities offered by this superior offer and imagine how much it would change for you !

1. StyQR Premium: customise everything

With StyQR Premium, everything becomes customizable ! Here’s what you get when you upgrade to this offer:

  • Translation of the digital welcome booklet into 8 different languages
  • Unlimited number of modules (compared to 6 with the Free package)
  • Customisation of the design (colours, fonts…)

For professionals, we even offer to provide you with a white-label version of the booklet : you can add your logo, your social networks, your contact details and your website.

2. Additional benefits of the modules

Now that we have seen the advantages in terms of customisation, let’s see what the StyQR Premium offer changes in terms of modules.

For the “digicodes” and “useful numbers” modules : addition of an unlimited number of digicodes and numbers. Very useful if you have several doors to open and if you want to enter all the emergency numbers (which are different in different countries).

Regarding our favourite module, “around me”, you will be able to add and delete addresses and leave a personal note on each one. You can explain why you like it, if you know the manager, if there is a discount for travellers…

The module that benefits the most from StyQR Premium is the “practical information” module. Indeed, you will be able to create your own categories, share as many info as you want and add any kind of files.

Last but not least, you will be able to moderate the comments left by your customers.

So are you convinced ? The free offer is excellent to start and learn how to use our digital welcome booklet, but if you develop, going through the Premium offer will bring you many benefits !