Nuki, a connected lock to welcome travelers... remotely!

Have you ever had to welcome a traveler who arrives very late and leaves very early in the morning? This is a common situation when you own a seasonal rental. Whether you have a guest house, a B&B or an Airbnb rental, it is sometimes difficult to manage the arrival of travelers as well as the handing over of keys. Fortunately, for such situations, a connected lock to welcome your travelers has been made, with the aim of being able to welcome them remotely, without moving.

Discover Nuki, this lock that comes at the right time!


does Nuki works ?

First of all, it should be noted that Nuki  is a lock solution adapted to seasonal rentals in several cases. It is a secure and modern lock solution, for the well-being of both the traveler and the accommodation manager. Everything is managed remotely, in order to facilitate the smooth running of your Airbnb rental or your lodging. Nuki adapts to your lock and turns the key on the inside of the door. In fact, from an app, the door is opened and closed remotely, without requiring your presence.

It’s that simple! If you have a guest arriving at a very late hour in your accommodation, thanks to Nuki you will be able to open the door remotely, or allow him to open the door alone from his smartphone, via an app. The process is the same when the traveler leaves!

In fact, when your lock is installed, you need to pair it with your phone. Once this is done, the calibration process is automatically started. From the All smart Lock app, you can remotely control the lock and allow anyone to enter or exit. A perfect solution!

A solution

secure ?

This is a question that interests many people. In fact, it is very often difficult to trust electronic locks, so the question is very logical. But rest assured, the communication of the Smart Lock is encrypted. In fact, it is like an impenetrable tower, a real protection.

If you trust online banking security standards, it’s just the same. You are guaranteed that your door is secure to the highest degree. The proof is that many security experts and even independent organizations have tested the system and found that everything is done to ensure that your security is at its peak.

How much

Nuki cost ?

This is probably one of the most important questions: how much does it cost? And it is true that it is an essential question, because the seasonal rental is often an investment.

The most suitable product for your seasonal rental needs is  Nuki Keypad Combo. It allows keyless access for your guests, autonomous arrival 24 hours a day thanks to the Nuki App or by entering a 6-digit security code, and allows your guests to enter wherever you are, and finally the automated sending of time-limited access authorizations.

The Nuki Keypad Combo is offered at 375 euros at the moment. It’s an investment, but it will make your life and your travelers’ life much easier, and it will give you a wow effect thanks to your modernity! So, treat yourself to Nuki and guarantee the security and remote reception of your tenants.

If you are a professional interested in purchasing several products, do not hesitate to contact Romain Giacalone, représentant de Nuki France.

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BNB Access, the lock that all Airbnb hosts want !

In our constant search for new products to offer you, guess what, we found a new connected lock that absolutely deserves an article!
The BNB Access lock is the reliability and efficiency that all homeowners are looking for.
Totally automated, it allows you to manage all the entries and exits of your home remotely. Let’s discover all its features together.

Simple and efficient operation

The BNB Access lock is the must have in terms of security and convenience.
Controlled by a mobile application compatible with all smartphones, it consists of a cylinder code lock that can be directly adapted to the lock of your front door and a box that just needs to be connected to a power outlet.
It has a memory that can store up to 9 permanent codes and an indefinite number of temporary codes. They can last from 15 minutes to a month.
In other words, you can say goodbye to lost keys.

How to use it

The BNB ACCESS LW01 lock provides two ways to enter: the code as already mentioned and an RFID card system: it is the same as in a hotel.
The undeniable advantage of this connected lock is that it provides security and ease when guests and tenants are not available at the same time for check in or check out. Not negligible, we agree, right?

The innovation of BNB ACCESS: the opening of building doors

But the real added value of BNB ACCESS is the possibility to open the door of the building remotely. Thanks to the BNB BOX which is connected to the private intercom handset. This installation does not require a condominium agreement (because the connection is made in the apartment and not in the common area of the building). The traveler can open the door of the building with his smartphone as soon as you have granted him access rights via the BNB ACCESS app.

To find out if your accommodation is compatible with the BNB ACCESS system, do the compatible test. 

The ease of installation and control are also formidable arguments: the installation of the lock is done in 5 minutes!

The technical part

Let’s talk about the technical aspect now; the pack contains the BNB box and its cylinder LW01 as well as an RFID card and the screws and batteries needed for the installation. The little extra, the battery level is displayed on the lock so that you can’t be caught off guard.
The little extra, additional RFID cards are available, up to 20 units, as well as silicone protectors for the outer casing. We wouldn’t want this one to get caught in the rain!
To learn more about this connected lock


You can also make an appointment directly with Boris he will be happy to answer your questions.


The connected lock can be a plus for your home and your passbook! If you benefit from it, don’t hesitate to add it in the entry information.
This kind of system is an undeniable added value for your home!