Chèque France Num : a precious help from the state!

The France Num voucher will open the doors to digitization and help you digitize your accommodation. Don’t waste any time and find out quickly if you are eligible!

  1. Chèque France Num what is it ? 

Let’s start with its definition: the France Num voucher is a lump-sum voucher of 500 euros to cover all or part of the expenses for digitization incurred by certain companies with less than eleven employees that have administratively closed during the November 2020 lockdown or that are hotels.

It is therefore a welcome aid at this time! Indeed, thanks to it you will be able to make some improvements for your rental and go digital more easily. For example, you can get a StyQR booklet with this help!

1. Who is eligible?

A few conditions are required to be eligible:

1/ To be a company that is administratively closed during the second containment

2/ To be a hotel or restaurant professional

3/ Finally, to have less than 11 employees and an annual turnover of less than 2 million euros excluding tax

2. What types of expenses are taken into account?

There are two types of eligible expenses:

First, the purchase of or subscription to digital solutions from a digital services company established in France or in a member state of the European Union. It is not necessary for this company to be listed on this teleservice. The expense can include a part of accompaniment, the solution must fall under one of the themes below:

Sales, promotion – E-commerce or promotional site; content; online payment; marketplace; internet visibility
Management – Reservation solution, appointment scheduling; inventory management, orders, deliveries
Management – Hosting, data storage, domain name management, cybersecurity tools; Cash register software
Customer relations – Bulk email management tool, newsletter management; Customer management
Or, the accompaniment to digitalization (diagnosis to start its digital transformation) by a private consultant referenced on this teleservice.

Check if your support provider is referenced.

4. What are the supporting documents?

Promised, to benefit from it, you won’t need many supporting documents: first of all, you need an identity document, and one or more billing dated between October 30, 2020 and June 30, 2021 for a minimum total amount of 450 euros including tax.

So, you still have time to make your digital transition!

5. How to benefit from it?

Thus, if you meet all the necessary conditions, you can send your application ici. Be careful, however, there are dates that must be respected depending on the date of your billings. So, be sure to check them before submitting your application.

The payment of this aid will begin on February 26, 2021.

Please note: only one application per SIREN is accepted for eligible companies, so the application must be made in one go.

And you, did you know the existence of this check? Did you benefit from it?