Optimize the equipment of your mountain chalet

We are in the middle of the winter season. If your accommodation is in the mountains, you are surely enjoying an increased popularity these last days. However, you are not the only guests at your ski resort. So think about the small details that will make the difference.

Authenticity of a cabin

in a mountain atmosphere

Winter is here! Families are looking for a change of scenery that will take them out of their daily lives and make their children dream. Draw on the imagination of the cottage. Choose wood for your construction or your interior furnishings.

Think about creating a cozy nest, where the whole family can be warm and comfortable at the end of a sporting day in the resort. Make sure you have clean bedding and good quality mattresses.



To avoid clutter, and to keep the snow a beautiful motif for your travelers’ arrival; equip your home with salt and a shovel so that your guests can clear the entrance if needed. Also, provide a space for your guests to store their ski gear. Finally, protect your chalet from humidity, and opt for conservation treatments for your wood.


additional services

Highlight all the advantageous services you have invested in. Does your chalet have a sauna, a fireplace, a garden, a terrace, a jacuzzi, a heated pool, sports equipment or a shuttle? Don’t forget to mention it in your ad. Communicate with your travelers, explain them how your services work and listen to their special requests. If you don’t have these services, you can focus on practical and pleasant facilities for the season.


for winter

Finally, equip your chalet with the necessary equipment (television, kettle, household products…). But also think about bonus equipment that can be very useful for the season (hair dryer, fondue or raclette machine, a recycling hood, a frying pan, an electric heater, a coffee maker, ski equipment to rent…). Welcome your travelers with hot chocolates and marshmallows to be enjoyed by the fireplace. Surprise effect guaranteed!

StyQR makes

your job easier

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