Activities: equip your home to entertain your guests

Imagine the scene: it’s raining, it’s cold, you don’t want to get out of your beautiful rental but there’s not much to do in it. No game to play, no movie to watch, no route to prepare for the next day, nothing. So you say to yourself that next time, you might choose a more complete accommodation.

1. Why offer activities ?

Offering interesting activities is a nice touch for your guests. It shows them that you have thought of everything. Especially if there are children! It’s a factor that will keep them coming back or at least make you score a lot of points. Your guests will feel at home and that is priceless.

2. What activities should be offered ?

Ask yourself a simple question, what do you like to do when you are at home and it’s raining?

The most classic: books for all ages, simple board games (uno, card games, good pay…), a Netflix, Amazon or Disney account, otherwise some dvd’s with a dvd player, puzzles, plushies or dolls… You can also opt for a map of your region with a small notebook provided to prepare an itinerary under better days.

The most original: a typical game of your region, old games, a treasure hunt with objects that you will have hidden in advance in the house (for the children), a recipe of your house with the list of the ingredients and a step by step to realize it…

3. Where to buy them ? 


To satisfy your guests, there is no need to spend millions.

Here are some tips:

  • For books, board gamesemmaüs, bolinier, flea market…
  • Buying dvds: take advantage of sales or garage sales…
  • Recipes: dive into your grandmother’s books
  • Finally, maps and books on your region: go to the tourist office which will provide you with free documents

Do you offer any activities in your home? If yes, which ones?