The interest of labels for gites and guest houses

When you manage a guest house or a gite, being part of a label is not mandatory but it can nevertheless present some advantages. For example, being part of a label can increase the visibility and therefore the notoriety of your establishment, simplify the rental management (via a global reservation platform for example), or benefit from subsidies and financial aid.

So how do you go about obtaining labels? What are the specific advantages of each label?
We explain you all!


a necessary step

In order to obtain a label, it is necessary for the lodgings to register with the classification of the furnished tourism. This step is compulsory to be listed in the Tourist Offices (of the department and the region) and to obtain the ANVC vacation voucher approval.This star rating is referenced on Atout France  which is none other than France’s tourism development agency and the sole state operator in this sector.

Bed and breakfasts are not subject to a national prefectural classification. They are therefore not obliged to register with the classification of furnished tourist accommodation, as they are not classified. On the other hand, some labels such as Gîtes de France et Clévacances propose a classification, according to their labels, with ears of corn or keys.



There are 4 main labels recognized by the Ministry of Tourism:

  • Gîtes de France
    This label is the first network of home stay accommodation in France. As a member, you benefit from personalized services with the support of specialists (decoration, profitability, layout, etc.) as well as the possibility of being marketed on a central reservation system. The application for membership is made on file in the departmental relay of the federation. The annual cost of this label is approximately 130€.
  • Clévacances
    It is the second major French label. You will benefit from a help to your activity (training, legal assistance, technical support…) and from the promotion of your rental in France and abroad. This label, however, does not offer a central reservation system. Membership is available at the headquarters of your department and will also cost you 130€ per year.
  • Fleurs de Soleil
    This label is an association of bed and breakfast owners. It can help you in your administrative steps and refer you on its site against a participation. Its annual membership is 250€.
  • Accueil Paysan
    It is a label gathering people passionate about animals, gardening or professionals with an agricultural status. Its ethical and human charter aims to help travelers discover the work of the land. It is a label of solidarity tourism established in France and internationally. Its annual membership costs 150€.



In addition to the national labels, you can also obtain “complementary” labels. We have selected some of them:

  • Bienvenue à la ferme
    It is a label with an ecological and educational approach that allows farmers to discover their jobs and their products. Indeed, it does not focus only on a service related to accommodation. To register, you just have to go to your chamber of agriculture.
  • Tourisme et handicap
    This label aims to offer accommodation adapted for people with disabilities. In order to receive the label, the site must meet a set of specifications and guarantee quality services and a warm welcome. To obtain it, you can ask your regional tourism advisor.
  • Rando-Plume
    This label certifies that the accommodation and its guest are a house of character, with a warm setting, proposals for activities and many additional services. To obtain this label, you must contact a Rando-Accueil representative.
  • Bienvenue au château
    It is an association whose aim is to create a label safeguarding the French heritage. It is a prestigious label! To join, you must first contact the association.

Thus, to have labels is not obligatory but it is all the same a real asset to attest the quality of your accommodation and to distinguish you from the competition. The label can also allow you to specialize and to be referenced in order to gain notoriety. Travelers will then be more likely to book your labeled rental, a guarantee of quality. Be careful, however, because to obtain a label you must meet the requirements and respect the charter of the label or you risk losing your membership.

Valentine's Day: bet on romance!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Couples will inevitably get away for a romantic weekend. For this occasion, they will perhaps choose a bed and breakfast or a rental Airbnb. Surprise them by creating an idyllic setting and leaving them with a beautiful memory of their stay!

Leave nothing

to chance

As you already know, the couple has isolated themselves from the hassles of everyday life to be alone and in privacy for a while. So don’t make their stay a burden by leaving faulty appliances that they will have to deal with during their stay. Book them a clean and tidy home by taking care of all the little details before you welcome them.

Discover our to-do-list so that you don’t forget anything before your travelers arrive:

Your Airbnb To Do List, for a perfect organization !


their confort

If you offer a cleaning service, don’t hesitate to specify it, your travelers in love will be more than delighted. Provide clean cotton sheets that match the rest of the bedding. And don’t forget the towels and washcloths. If you have a hot tub, turn it on and test it beforehand. If you have a bathtub, have bath bombs or salts available. Get out the essential massage oils as well. Make sure they don’t lack anything, especially in the kitchen (salt, coffee, oil, sugar, butter…)

Besides, your travelers will surely have long evenings, why not pamper them with a breakfast in bed?

It is here :

Breakfast in bed for your guests This is Baguette on a Bike.

Impregnate your interior

of a romantic atmosphere

Stay in the theme! Get out the plaids, get some room mists, scented candles. Add a bouquet of flowers on your dresser.

Don’t forget the little extras for a successful welcome (box of chocolates, a bottle of champagne...) Think of the welcome kits

The basic equipment for your B&B rental

StyQr makes

their stay more enjoyable

Finally, provide them with a digital welcome booklet. They will easily find the wifi code, and access the digicodes, practical information, good tips, and useful numbers. Thus, they will also have the addresses of the most romantic activities to do in the vicinity already written in their digital welcome booklet!

Create your booklet

How to set the price of your rental?

A seasonal rental is a real real estate investment, the goal being first to collect an interesting rent. Nevertheless, you should know how to find the ideal price. You can freely fix this amount but it remains preferable to take into account several factors, in particular your geographical situation and the period at which you rent.

Your geographical


The city or the district in which your hiring is located influences much the price of the night of this one. Indeed, the rent in the tourist areas is much higher. Thus, a room in the province is not worth a room in Paris, even if they have the same interior characteristics.

The surrounding

green spaces

Plants are good for both body and mind! Implicitly, travelers know this and that’s why they often look for their proximity. So, if your house is on a mountain, next to a beach, a lake, a forest … it will have a direct impact on the amount of your rent.

What type of

house are you renting ?

We all know it! The square meter is rather expensive in France. Thus, the rent will be very variable according to whether you rent a house, a villa, a cottage, a mobile home, an apartment or a studio. Furthermore, the age of your rental property and the construction materials are also taken into account. Not to mention the capacity of the property: if it is judged that the property can accommodate several families, it will be relatively expensive. If not, it is better to keep the price reasonable.

The period

in which you rent

Be careful, the period in which you rent is crucial! Indeed, a house by the sea will be more expensive in summer than in winter. Conversely, a cottage will be more expensive in winter than in summer.

Small reminder :

  • Very high season for winter vacations: February.
  • Very high season for the summer vacations: from July 20th to August 20th.

Finally, to set your rent, look at the rates of the competition, similar accommodations, nearby hotels… Take into account all the criteria mentioned above. Then, adapt your offer according to the demand you receive (the higher the demand, the more you can afford to raise the price)

Airbnb hosts: why you should create your Experiences?

At Airbnb, a  was recently born: Experiences! If you are a motivated host who wants to make your travelers experience unforgettable events or make them practice more or less prolonged activities, do not hesitate to launch your own Airbnb Experience! Following a successful test period in Paris and Provence, Airbnb decides to spread these Experiences to the four corners of the country.


an additional source of income

To offer an Experience on Airbnb, you don’t have to rent out your home. But in any case, offering an Airbnb Experience will allow you to increase your income.

If you also have one (or more) accommodation(s) for rent on the platform, the Airbnb Experience will allow you to improve your ratings and therefore your reputation on the platform, thus allowing you to better fill your booking calendar.

Benefits of becoming a host

of Airbnb Experiences

Have a good time, share your passion, meet travelers from all over the world, discover other cultures… Offering an Experience is above all an enriching human adventure.

With the Airbnb plateform, nothing more simple. You can choose the time slots on which you are available, and for more serenity you are covered by the insurance of the platform.


does it works ?

To start using Airbnb Experiences, you must register  here. You will then be able to discover the criteria for your experience to be eligible. Then, you can post your Experience, with a precise description and photos. Your Experience will be submitted to Airbnb for validation.

Airbnb will take a 20% commission on the revenues of your Experiences. Nevertheless, it remains a profitable activity because you can welcome many more travelers than by renting a house.

The conditions required to keep

his Airbnb Experiences host title

Hosts must also meet certain stringent feedback requirements. Airbnb follows up on a case-by-case basis if a guest leaves a bad review. For example, the average rating must be higher than 4.7/5. As a result, hosts may have to work even harder to maintain their excellent ratings and presence in Airbnb Experiences.

How do you translate your welcome booklet?

You rent (or exchange) your accommodation, you manage a hotel, a guest house, a campsite, and you sometimes welcome foreign travelers? This article is for you!

Foreign tourists, especially if they don’t speak the local language, can quickly feel helpless when faced with a lack of information in their native language.

It is therefore important to provide them with the appropriate information in their own language so that they can fully enjoy their stay!

Discover our tips for translating your welcome booklet into several languages.

How to translate the elements of

your StyQR welcome booklet ?

Start by creating your StyQR welcome booklet clic here.

The easiest way to do this is to first configure your entire booklet in French. Once the configuration is done, you will have to go to Premium

to access the translation features.

On the “Your booklets” page, click on the booklet to edit it.

On each text area, you can click on the “+” flag to add a translation language. In addition to French, 7 languages are available: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

You can then either write the translation yourself if you are comfortable in the language concerned, or click on “Generate an automatic translation” if you want us to do it for you!

Thus, the text areas to be translated are in :
– Booklet Info
– Wifi module (if you use a hotspot)
– Digicode Module
– Useful Numbers Module
– Practical Info Module
– Guestbook Module

All other elements of the booklet will be automatically translated.

How does it work

for your travelers

If you have an compte StyQR Premium

and your booklet has been translated, your travelers will access your welcome booklet directly in the default language of their web browser.

If their language has not been configured, then English will be the default language.

The basic elements of the booklet (interface, module names…) will be automatically translated, without requiring any action from you.

You want to test the translation of your booklet? To do so, change the default language of your phone (in Settings > General…) or of your web browser (Chrome, Safari…), then access your booklet through the URL link or the QR Code.

Now you have all the cards in hand to create your digital and multilingual welcome booklet!

It’s up to you 😉

Create your welcome booklet !

How to customize the look of your welcome booklet?

As you probably already know, “you only have one chance to make a good first impression”. So take care of your travelers’ welcome, from the very first minutes!

A welcome booklet is good.
A digital welcome booklet with StyQR is better!
A StyQR digital welcome booklet, customized to your image, is WAOUH!

Prepare your welcome booklet in advance, and customize it to your image: colors, background, fonts… Discover how to customize your StyQR digital welcome booklet.

How to customize

your welcom booklet ?

Start by creating your StyQR welcome booklet clic here.

Configure your booklet: fill in the information of the booklet (title, subtitle, address of the place). Choose and fill in the information of the modules of your choice (Wifi code, digicodes, good addresses, useful numbers…).

Once this is done, you will access the “Customization” tab. You will then be able to choose between many pre-established themes (nature, mountain, sea, forest, big cities…).

To access a customization (with your own image, colors and fonts of your choice), you must first validate your booklet.

In your administrator area, you should choose our formule Premium. You can then come back and edit your booklet to change its appearance.

The personalization


Edit your booklet, go to the Customization tab, then click on the “custom” symbol.

First choose your background: with a color or an image. If you choose an image, it must not exceed 750 Kb.

Then choose your fonts from the drop-down list.

Finally, select the colors of your choice. You can also play with the opacity of the colors.

Make sure that the elements of your booklet are well readable (colors, opacity…).

You will be able to see in real time the preview of the personalization of your booklet. If you want to test your booklet in real conditions, save your changes and access your booklet via the URL link or the QR Code with your smartphone.

Now you have all the cards in hand to create your own personalized digital welcome booklet!

It’s up to you 😉

Create you welcome booklet