Top 3 safety tips for Airbnb hosts

You are ready to rent your home on a short-term basis with   Airbnb ? A great opportunity to earn extra income while being away for the vacations. However, even if Airbnb   has a strong system of screening potential hosts and guests and requires registrants to follow a set of rules, unforeseen risks can arise. It is therefore important to ensure your safety by following these 3 tips suggested by StyQR

Get an insurance !

Airbnb has an insurance program for the protection of guests. This includes liability coverage of up to approximately €800,000 per claim. And this, in case of lawsuits initiated by the tenants for bodily or material incidents during their stays with Airbnb. However, the sign does not protect you from possible damage to your home (wine spills, breakage, theft…) So think seriously about getting adequate insurance.

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for safety

An access control system allows you to give your guests dematerialized access to your home through the smartphone. This will save you from having to give physical keys that can be easily copied or lost. With the help of an application, the badge is transferred to your guests in one click, and as soon as they leave, you can easily cancel the access, no matter where you are in the world. This is an ideal secure solution for Airbnb hosts who want to control multiple properties easily.

Welcomr   is an example of applications that allow you to manage 100% dematerialized and secure access controls.

Do away with badges, keys and other access cards and manage secure access to your home!

Your identity away

from wrong people

If you do not have surveillance cameras, install a safe to store your valuable or personal belongings (computer, cameras, important papers…)

Protect your data on the web by setting up a cyber-filtering system; a set of techniques limiting access to certain sites normally accessible on the internet and censoring your confidential data.

Finally, if your guest rents your entire home, consider keeping or forwarding your email to another trusted address. A simple security measure!

Set up an internal regulation

inside your digital welcome booklet

During a short term rental, the best way to stay serene as a host is to require from your travelers the application of precise rules. With StyQR, you can not only integrate these rules in your digital welcome booklet (respect of the neighborhood, no smoking in your apartment…) but also integrate all the information that will be useful to your travelers (wifi, digicodes, practical information, good addresses…). By scanning a QR code that will be delivered to you, they will have access to your rules and to useful information for their stay

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