GuestReady, the BnB concierge service

Renting your home,

it's not that simple !

To propose its housing in hiring as private individual became simple thanks to platforms like AirbnbBooking, or Homeway Abritel. A description, a few photos and that’s it!

But you must not forget certain constraints: be present at the arrival and departure of your travelers for the handing over of the keys, do the cleaning or wash the linen. And it gets even more complicated if you don’t live on site or if you have several accommodations to manage.

It’s not that easy to rent your accommodation: customers are demanding and their opinion will be crucial for your reputation on the different platforms. So how can you make the management of your rentals easier?

The miracle solution: entrust your management to a BnB concierge! We met one of the most famous concierge companies : GuestReady, with its solid experience and its international presence. Pierre Rouleau, the French market manager of GuestReady, explained us the history, the functioning and the assets of this 2.0 concierge service.


How does it work ?

Founded in 2016 by Alexander LimpertPatrick DegenJosef Nevoral et Bertrand Desies,This startup is the first BnB concierge company with a global presence (Europe, Asia, UK). Short-term rentals have no secret for them as they are among the market leaders in some cities, like London and Paris.

GuestReady takes care of the complete management of your accommodation:

  • Creation of the ad (professional photos and price optimization thanks to an algorithm)
  • Selection of travelers’ profiles (to secure the rental of your property)
  • Communication and after-sales service with travelers, before and during their stay
  • Reception, handing over of keys and check-out
  • Professional maintenance (24-hour problem-solving service)
  • Provision of linen and bath products
  • Cleaning and laundry services



GuestReady offers a premium service for homeowners who want to avoid the hassle of renting and maximize their revenue through higher occupancy rates. Its main advantage: a personalized customer service, as each owner is accompanied by a member of the GuestReady team.

Using GuestReady will allow you to obtain a high rate of satisfaction from travelers and thus reach the status of Superhost ! The management remains totally transparent for the owner thanks to the existence of a dashboard.

Customers are very satisfied with GuestReady’s services as it has a rating of 9.4 (out of 10) on Trustpilot !

“It’s great to be able to generate additional income without having to worry about the hassle of Airbnb. GuestReady works with my schedule and makes sure my place is in perfect condition when I return home from a business trip.”

Mathieu, Paris VI

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How much does it cost ?

GuestReady charges a commission on the amount of bookings, which is usually around 20%.

The concierge also offers owners a fixed income for their rentals each month, under certain conditions.

To learn more about GuestReady’s rates, clic here !

Please feel free to contact GuestReady via the link below.

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Simplify your Airbnb management with a co-host!

Managing the whole organization of your Bnb rental is sometimes a real headache. Indeed, if renting between individuals can allow you to earn money, it nevertheless requires a well-functioning organization (reception of the travelers, handing-over of the keys, cleaning…).

Sometimes, we would like to be able to manage all that more easily! What if we told you that it is possible? We present you today the functioning of the “co-hosts”, your best ally for your BnB rental!

What's a

airbnb co-host ?

First, let’s analyze the word: Co-host. Does this make you think of the word teammate? Bingo! A Co-Host is a partner whose mission is to help you manage your rental and your travelers. But who can be a co-host? There is no limit, you just need a mutual agreement.

It is therefore highly recommended to ask someone you can rely on (family, friend, neighbor…). If you don’t know anyone around you who can play this role, you can probably find someone through the Airbnb community forum.

The co-host


You remain the main manager and the co-host is your assistant in the rental Airbnb. His/her mission: to replace you on the tasks that you will not be able to perform. Your co-host can also help you on :

  • Creating and updating the ad
  • Preparing the accommodation (restocking supplies, cleaning, repairs, bedding…)
  • Welcoming and assisting travelers (handing over keys, questions, problems…)
  • Communication and management of travelers’ comments
  • Management of reservations

To give the status of co-host to someone, you just have to add him/her to your ad Airbnbfollowing this tutoriel.

With a co-host, managing your rentals becomes easier! However, it is essential to choose a person you can trust to avoid any dispute. If you are having trouble finding a suitable co-host or if you prefer to use a professional, we have the solution for you: BnB concierge services.

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