The best Facebook groups for your seasonal rental

You have a home that you do not occupy for part of the year, and you want to rent or exchange it? You are right!

Renting will bring you an additional income, while the home exchange will allow you to travel at a lower cost!

To help you spread your ads, we have gathered for you the best Facebook groups to join.


If you offer your accommodation in “exchange” on the platform HomeExchange (previously GuestToGuest), then we advise you at all costs to join the Facebook group associated to the site.

This group will allow you to find exchange opportunities in preview, and to share your ad for a better visibility (and thus better chances to find an exchange!).

You will also be able to ask questions about how the platform works and benefit from the experience of nearly 2,000 members of this group.

Join the group !

The groups

Airbnb France

If your rent your home on Airbnb, There are two main groups where you can share your ad or ask questions to the community:

NB : these groups are not official and are not manage by Airbnb.

The Perfect Host

by StyQR

Because we also want to help you improve your rental services, we have created our own Facebook group: The Perfect Host.

Its goal is to answer your questions, share best practices, tips and tricks to increase your rental income…

Don’t hesitate to join the group!

The Perfect Host

You, you

my roof !

You, you, my roof! (TTMT) is a gigantic Facebook group (more than 17,000 members)!

Here is its description:

A self-help group to put in “friendly relationship” those who own, and those who are looking! An apartment, a roommate, a house, for sale, for rent, for exchange … The duration ? all year long, for a weekend or for vacations … In the city, by the sea, in the countryside …. no border !

The sharing of Airbnb and other platforms is not allowed; but if you rent your property outside of these platforms it is THE ideal group!

The little extra rule: each listing must be accompanied by a Bonus, a gift offered for any group members you would do business with 😉

Join the group

We hope you find these Facebook groups useful!

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