Switch from room directory to paper,to the digital room directory! 🚀

It’s time fora change! ⏲

You’ve always kept your paper room directories in your rooms. Small mishaps can happen to them: damage, corned pages, removal by your travelers and you have to reprint it. 😱

Switch to digital room directory!

You’ll take away the hassle and your travelers will have a novel experience when they arrive in their room. 🥰


Your benefits


The digital room directory gives you peace of mind 😉

No constraints (reprints, spoilage)
Automatic translation into 8 languages
Time-saving for your reception staff
Improved customer experience
for your travelers

Our rates

Find all the essentials

to put in your room directory


Your travelers can leave you a little review and you’ll know all the details 🔥 (date, author, rating, review).

A word of welcome

Add a little word of welcome to your travelers, they’ll be delighted with this welcome. 😁

Arrival information

Inform your travelers of the arrival time slot, 🕥 your payment and much more.


Initial information

Write down departure instructions, 📄 departure time slot, key return… to your travellers.


Enter your wifi name and password.
With a simple copy and paste, your travelers will be connected to your wifi! 😁

Around me

Add your good addresses by leaving comments, your travelers will find all the activities to do around you 😉


Discover and try StyQR

You can now create your own free room directory and test it!

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Save time
Enhance your travelers’ experience
Add value to your accommodation
Customize the design of your booklet

A personalized rate


15 €TTC

per year per room



Unlimited modules

Around me" module

Inventory" module

StyQR Premium

Calculate the cost of your room directory.

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