Switch from paper room directory,to digital room directory! 🚀

It’s time for change! ⏲

You’ve always placed your paper room directory in the rooms, but little mishaps can happen to them: damage, corned pages, removal by your travellers and you have to reprint it 😱

Switch to the digital room directory!

You’ll remove your hassle and your travellers will have a new experience when they arrive in their room 🥰


Your advantages


With the room directory digital, you have peace of mind 😉

Aucune contrainte (réimpression, détérioration)
Traduction automatique en 8 langues
Gain de temps pour vos collaborateurs en charge de l’accueil
Amélioration de l’experience client
de vos voyageurs

Our rates

Find all the essentials

to put in your room directory

The guestbook

Your travellers will be able to leave you a little review and you will know all the details 🔥 (date, author, the note, the review)

The welcome note

Add a little word of welcome to your travellers, they will be delighted with the welcome. 😁

Arrival information

Inform the arrival time slot, 🕥 your settlement and many more to your travelers.


Departure information

Write down departure instructions, 📄 departure time slot, key return… to your travellers.

The wifi

Fill in the name and password of your wifi.
With a simple copy and paste, your travellers will be connected to your wifi! 😁

About me

Add your good addresses by leaving comments, your travellers will find all the activities to do around you 😉


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Save time
Improve your travellers’ experience.
Add value to your accommodation
Customise the design of your booklet

A personalized rate


15 €TTC

par an et par chambre



Modules illimités

Module « Autour de moi »

Module « État des lieux »

StyQR Premium

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