If you have several accommodations and you have redundant information for each of them (e.g. useful numbers, arrival and departure instructions…), you can duplicate an existing booklet to save time.

Pour modifier un livret existant, allez dans votre espace administrateur, puis dans “Vos livrets” et cliquez sur l’icône :

Go to your administrator’s area, then to “Your booklets”, and click on the corresponding QR code. You will then be able to choose the appearance of your poster and print it.

We now have a partner site: monafficheqrcode which allows you to choose the visual of your choice to highlight your QR code. You can choose the visual of your choice among a large choice of posters and also choose the size of your poster: A5, A4, A3.

StyQR is a solution for digitising the welcome booklet. It is therefore not possible to print it.

Yes, it is possible to create several welcome books on your account with the “Premium” package!

There are several ways to share your welcome booklet:

  • By printing your QR code and placing it in your accommodation (in a photo frame for example).
    To do this, go to your personal space, on the page “Your booklets” and click on the QR code. You can then choose your poster model and print it. Please note that this feature is only accessible from a PC (not available on a smartphone).
  • By sending by e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp […] the URL link of your welcome booklet.
    To do this, go to your personal space, on the “Your booklets” page and click on the “Copy” button, represented by an arrow. You can then “Paste” the URL link of your booklet in an email for example using the paste function of your computer (ctrl + v).