What is a

Superhost ?

If you’ve ever rented out your home on Airbnb, you’ve probably heard of Superhost. But what is a Superhost?

It’s an exceptional host, who is experienced in renting out his accommodation, and whose travelers have been very satisfied. In short, a Superhost is a sure value, he will be recognized in the community and will be a pledge of confidence for the customer who books his trip.

The Superhost benefits from a better visibility with a better placement in the search results, a “Superhost” filter and a dedicated badge. Thus, according to Airbnb data, a Superhost earns 22% more than other hosts.

What are the criteria

to become a Superhost ?

Being a Superhost has undeniable advantages, but how do you become one? Here are the criteria to obtain this badge:

  • Have rented your accommodation at least 10 times.
  • Have at least 50% of your travelers leave a comment.
  • Have a response rate of 90% or more.
  • No cancellations (except for force majeure policies)
  • Have an overall rating of at least 4.8 (out of 5).

These criteria will be evaluated automatically by Airbnb every quarter (it is not necessary to apply to become a Superhost).

Our advices to

become a Superhost

  • To succeed in renting your accommodation at least 10 times, it must be attractive: your ad must be complete and neat, your photos must highlight your accommodation, and your price must be adapted (according to the surface area, the location, the equipment, the number of beds…).
  • An excellent communication with your guests is essential, before, during or after their trip. Reactivity is the key!
  • Be reliable! Update your calendar regularly to avoid cancellations.
  • Be professional! Even if you are not a tourism or hotel professional, you can take a cue from the industry’s best practices. Your accommodation should be clean and tidy, and your guests should feel supported during their stay.
  • Surprise your guests and exceed their expectations. Small gestures can significantly improve your travelers’ satisfaction: a small treat (chocolate, candy, local specialty…), a welcome note or even better, a digital welcome booklet.

The digital

welcome booklet

The digital welcome booklet will allow you to surprise your guests with the modernity of your methods, while providing them with all the practical information they may need during their stay.

With StyQR, you can create your digital welcome booklet for free and in a few clicks, then add all the necessary information (wifi code, digicode, good addresses, advice on how to use the appliances, useful numbers…). Your guests will access it very easily, by scanning a QR code dedicated to you. This QR will be shaped as an elegant photo frame that will fit perfectly into the decoration of your home.

Create your booklet