Do you find your home rather bland? You’d like to give it a facelift and rent it out better, but you have no idea. The designer in you has let go. Don’t panic! We’ve found you the professional in guest house makeovers.
Style Guest Home
Style Guest Home, at the cutting edge of the latest interior design trends.

It's time to


Motivated by a taste for beauty and a passion for contemporary art, the team at Style Guest Home team is mobilized to offer decoration and relooking services for guest rooms and vacation homes. It also offers a selection of beautiful vacation addresses with an exclusively contemporary style. Based on the photos, sketches and plans you provide, Style Guest Home will remotely spruce up your room for added pizzazz and style, at very affordable rates.

The concept

After personalized coaching, you’ll get lots of ideas that you can put into practice yourself. Embellish what’s already there with an inspiring shopping selection to suit your interior and your budget. Extremely simple and effective !

Adventurers in search of

the more creative guest houses

The team also sets itself the challenge of collecting the most inspiring and creative guesthouses, apartments, eco-lodges and slowlife-farms. The ones that make you want to get lost for a while.

Prices range from €80/night for 1 bedroom to €600/night for an entire house. That’s an average price of €150 per room / night. So they always validate their selection after reading the reviews and positive experiences of travelers. “This allows professionals and owners to feature in a collection of locations combining modernity, art of living, design…”
Perhaps their next destination will be your guesthouse?


and art lovers

Through art, you create your own universe. Being curious and expressive,
Style Guest Home
likes to tell stories, but also to punctuate and enliven them with unique, iconic pieces or exceptional works of Contemporary Art or Deco design. Reinvented pieces must be embodied in your interior.

Art is the best source of inspiration. Integrating it into your home makes it even more accessible.

Style Guest House collects works of art in all shapes, large or small, contained or contained, hanging on a wall or on the floor. Whether in series, unique, new or vintage… You can buy them on their website.

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